Everyone Knows About Jacintha, Right?

I'm only posting this because before the NYC HiEnd show I didn't, and I consider myself fairly musically literate. I listened to one cut on the CD player/headphone setup at Elusive Disc and bought three of her albums sight unheard. Wow. If you like female jazz vocals these are must haves. The sound ain't bad either!

The Groove Note SACDs are wonderful.

Yes we do. Her second vinyl is my fav.
We all do but some of us find her beautifully boring.

As I write this Im actually listening to her XRCD2 of Autumn Leaves..Very nice. A little vivid in presentation, but very well recorded none the less. You would definately have to be Johnny Mercer fan for this one... or you'll be snoozing by the 5th cut title track! :)
She has her place, and I'm in it right now.
I agree with Kr4. Anybody else?
I have three of her cd's...recording quality is well above most and the music depends on your mood at the time.

So I'll agree and not agree.

I also have several of her SACD/CDs. Although she uses the same style in almost every song, it is, to me, like having too much French vanilla ice cream. Not going to happen :)
Not a fan.
I'll third Kal on Jacintha.
I became curious about Jacintha because she seems to be an audiophile darling, among many in the female vocalist category. Out of curiosity, both musical and technical, I've gotten two of her recordings, Lush Live on cd and Jacintha is Her Name on SACD. She is pitch perfect and very smooth, but sounds a little emotionally repressed, lacks some angst or something. She has an excellent voice, but being presented on a audiophile platter has some constraints, high expectations all around. The recordings are very good, much better than average, and the accompanying muscians, first rate. Another engineer who excels in this category is Bill Schnee, check out Eric Reed on Impulse, Pure Imagination, a little more energy here, but same accoustic depth. I'd like to see Jacintha backed up by a group that gave her a kick in the seat; take off the kid gloves and she just might get down!