Everyone is selling their Ayre QB-9 DSD's??

Awright, what's up with this? I know first hand how good the DSD version is okay? What on earth are people going with if they are starting to dump their QB-9 DSD's? Just really, really curious. Maybe they are moving up to DCS or EMM level of stuff? Or, If there is something out there that is beating these that much I would really love to know what it is.

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I currently have a Rega DAC and looking to upgrade in the near future. Ayre QB-9 DSD is on my short list. Is the Ayre significantly better in terms of sound quality over Rega? I love the Rega sound: warm and musical. Lampizator is also gaining popularity recently. Are people switching from Ayre to Lampizator? Is lampizator 4 or amber dac better than Ayre?