Ever used hybrid power amps?

I've just discovered the joys of passive preamps and wow! My sorta laid-back Meadowlark Kestrels love the detail and immediacy, but running a pure solid state amp (of the type that I can afford) this way can be a little intense. So, I'm considering hybrid tube/ss power amp designs like Counterpoint, Van Alstine and NYAL/Moscode. Anybody have any thoughts to offer? My local audio guru/tech guy favors the NYAL stuff--it would be great to hear from anybody who's used the 300, which is a 150 watt/ch design available for quite reasonable prices on the used market. Comments?
Hi - I've used the FET Valve Audio Van Alstine amps for quite a while. Excellent amps, great detail & dynamics. Built like a tank - no problems whatsoever. I won't get into excessive platitudes, since without hearing one you can't imagine what it's like. My advice would be to try one out. I really think you'll like it. Frank is an honourable guy, and has been making reputable products for years. His equipment just makes music, not headlines. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any specific questions about the AVA line. Good luck in your search, Ed
Used to have an NYAL 300. Loved it back in the day. There are improvements to be had today. Pretty romantic sounding. George Kaye and others have done lots of mods on them, including bigger capacitors, torodial xformers (they were susceptible to mechanical buzz), etc., etc. Also have used (and still own a Llano Trinity 300, a very nice sounding unit. Beats up on the NYAL, but should at about 4X cost.
I have owned a Counterpoint NPS400 for a few years now. What a great sounding amp at an incredible price for driving Magnepan speakers. It has a most neutral tonal balance with no fatigue at all for long listening sessions. It only gives up some of the harmonic richness and bloom of the most refined tube amps.
Anodyne is not widely known but their products compete with anything and everything out there. I have a signature tube dac, and 150W hybrid monoblocks. Easy to tube roll w/ one 6922 per amp, but you don't have to as Miniwatts give great sound w/o exorbitant pricing/gouging. And they are voiced to perfection on the three very different spks used with them so far. Scott is a brilliant designer, imo. Power and grace in a modest package. More than you want, and maybe all you need. Pricing will be higher than NYAL, but these are modern components, all new hardware, chassis, connectors and wire. Good luck.
I had a Counterpoint SA-220 upgraded with the basic and some gold modifications. It is not as bloomy as the stock amp that I own but that could be due to using Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8s in the stock amp. The modified amp is more natural sounding, faster, tighter bass, better details and overall not as warm sounding as the stock amp. Worth the price of $2K over the stock amp, yes but I still enjoy the stock amps performance too especially for the price. Only two tubes 6SN7s (VT-231s) so tube rolling is very easy. The Counterpoints are SS output with tube input, not sure about the others mentioned here. Best to find one that someone has already modified as you can get them much cheaper then having the mods done yourself.

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Hey everybody, thanks so much for your responses. If I were to acquire any of the NYAL stuff I'd have an upgrade path stretching from here to eternity, thanks to resident audio guru Steve Sank, who loves working on them. Tripper, I'd love to hear more about the Anodyne stuff, but I can't find anything on the web. Can you point me in the right direction? In the meantime, I guess I'll just see what pops up on the Gon!
I heartily recommend that you consider the Music Reference RM200. It is a 100 wpc hybrid with a transistor input section and a tube output section. It is built by Roger Modjeski, who, like Frank Van Alstine has spent decades designing truly wonderful sounding stuff that is not heinously expensive. The RM-200 is particularly effective with difficult loads, and even has 2 ohm taps! It is also attractive and built to last. At ~$2k on the used market it is a great bargain.