Ever SetUp KHorns with a Center Speaker?

Have you ever setup your KHorns with a center speaker? Originally, this was the way to setup a set of KHorns. I have had my KHorns since 1998 and have always wanted to try the three speaker setup. Ever done this?
Yes, I did that. The center was a Belle. Smooth, since all the drivers matched. Amps were all VAS mono block tubes, with a VAS I tube pre-amp that had a center channel out. Hope you read the PK write up, which while almost sixty years old now, is still valid. I first heard the KHorn in the late fifties and purchased my first pair in the late seventies. If you really want the 'effect' use a belle, nothing else will do. Hard to find a single, but hold on to the other as a source of a replacement drivers. Paul got it right the first time, no dope from Hope.