ever sat down and mapped out your DREAM system?

in fact, your dream system could be your CURRENT system, which is great! Mine is a mix b/w some current and some wish list gear- feel free to include stuff you might have heard at a show or in a friend's system, and especially your OWN stuff. Since I'm a Canuck, some of my stuff has got to be Canadian! Also list your preferences too- I value detail retrieval; low noise floor; harmonic completeness and impact across the spectrum; and grainless purity. By the way- please list 'current' (if you have it in your system now) or 'dream' beside your choices. Lastly, if you put 'current' beside a choice, it means that you are SO happy with that particular component in your system, you may NEVER want to upgrade it! OK, here goes:

Coincident Total Victory speakers (current)
Cabling- Coincident and Pure Note (current)
Wyetech Labs Topaz 572 amp (dream)
Audion Premier Quattro 4-box preamp w phono (dream)
Spectral 3000SL transport (current)
Audio Note Dac 3.1 Balanced (current)
Kharma Grand Ref digital cable (current)
Turntable- VPI TNT HR-X (dream)
I mapped it in V. Systems, but deleted it, so now it only exists in my living room. I focus on tonal balance(=impact across the spectrum?) and tone. Resolution and dynamics are nice, but currently, I don't have the resources or will to care about anything except TB and T.
VPI TNT HR-X (dream)
Benz LP cartridge (current)
Lamm LP2 phono stage(dream)
Lamm L2 pre-amp (dream)
Lamm ML1.1 power amps (dream)
Kharma Ceramique Ref Monitor 3.2 (dream)
Nordost and or Shunyata cabling (dream)

Could also take this approach...
SME 30 TT (dream)
SME V (current)
Benz LP (current)
Hovland Groove phono cable (dream)
Aesthetix Io Sig. phono stage (dream)
First Sound Paramount Statement SE Line stage pre' (dream)
Tenor 75 Wp amps (dream)
Ruark Excalibur speakers (dream)
Coincident Total Victory (dream)
mix of Garland Audio VerteVarius cabling and Shunyata cables and power cords.