Ever replace straight wire speaker cable connector

I have a pair of straight wire serenade speaker cables, 10 feet in length that are terminated with Straight wire locking bananas on both ends. They do not get as tight as I would like them to be. I am thinking about changing them to WBT brand spades. I would like to know if anyone has ever switched to WBT spades and if you had good results. Or any change in sound for better or worse? Also what are your thoughts on hurting the resale value of the cables? I may just sell them and purchase a speaker cable that is already terminated with WBT connections, if it hurt the resale value of the cables down the road. I do enjoy the straight wire sound.
I don't think it would be worth it to go through all that trouble. If the banana's aren't tight enough to form a good seal, you should be able keep things sounding OK if you use contact cleaner on the banana's and the binding posts on your speakers. That will keep oxidation to a minimum.
I changed connectors on a pair of Straightwire Black Silc cables a few years back. The required the use of a solder pot to remove the enamel coating on the wire strands. A real pain. I don't know about the Serenade but you should check as there is almost no conduction if you don't remove the enamel. Good luck.
that it is not what I was expecting the hear. Thank you for the great information. I am so glad I did not attempt this on my own without asking first. I will list them for sale in the near future. thank you again.