Ever popped a circuit breaker with audio gear?

Just curious if many people have ever popped their circuit breakers with their audio setup.

I always hear about the amount of power drawn but don't recall ever popping a breaker. For kicks I tried a Monster cable power conditioner as a demo which had a built in amp meter. I hooked everything into it and don't think I ever got above 8 amps...in a larger HT setup.

I have. More than once. Such is life when using low sensitivity, low impedance speakers and you're trying to reproduce Motorhead at concert level. Sent a 1200 wpc amplifier into thermal shutdown a couple of times too : ) Sean
Large power amps can trip breakers, especially when they are just being turned on. The current demands may exceed the limits of the breaker during this powering-up phase, even if the amp does not over-tax the breaker while playing. I had this problem on occasion with the bass amp in my previously owned Genesis 201s. Many amps power-up in phases, which generally avoids this problem.
Yeah, when the washer was on and I was trying to over scream that in the same circuit line:-)
No, but I smoked a preamp in my car and watched parts of my center console melt. Pretty eerie. And smelly!