Ever notice change in resisitance of vol control?

I currently have a DK Signature integrated. I've also had a Plinius 9200, Anthem seperates, Marsh seperates, McIntosh MA 6900, NAD M3. I've noticed something subtle in many if not all of my former preamps/ or integrated volume controls that I've had. Periodically as I've take my system through various adjustments, ie. changing power cords on an integrated or pre, or plugging and unplugging integrateds/preamps for various reasons, or even recently when I unplugged everything to clean and treat all connections, I noticed the "feel" of the volume control can change. By "feel" I mean the amount of resistance, for lack of a better word, that the volume control maintains. At one point in time the volume control will be a little more tight to turn it and then at another point because of adjustments like power cord changes or plugging/ unplugging an integrated or preamp, the volume control will have a looser feel and the tighter feel in turning it decreases. I know it sounds anal, but it's something I've noticed over the years in various preamp/ or integrated volume controls.

Anyone else notice this change in the firmness/feel when turning the volume control and know what accounts for it?

I'm not referring to anything like a volume control or pot wearing out. What I'm refering to is like a product of a voltage or electricity change in the preamp. Along with this change in the "feel" of the volume control there is always a change in the way the systems sounds -all apparently a result from disconnecting-reconnecting/plugging /unplugging the equipment. Sure, I know when adjustments are made like power cord changes, plugging and unplugging amps, etc. that the sound of the system will change and everything moved has to re-settle before the sound stablizes. But does this relate to the feel of the volume control too? Thanks
I am not sure I have ever experienced what you are talking about. Usually the volume rotation is mechanical, i.e. you have a shaft and a bearing that rotates a mechanical contact breaker so there isn't really any relation between rotation and volume change. And then some volume controls have digital control so the feel is totally decoupled from the electrical system by means of an encoder.

But that doesn't mean you aren't correct. Perhaps the problem is heat related? As your amp heats up, all parts actually increase in size. It's called "thermal expansion" and is the reason you have to have expansion joints in concrete. Maybe after you have had everything on for a while, the shaft is tighter in the bearing and the ball bearings are tighter in the race due to their higher temperature resulting in a "tight" feel. Then when you unplug everything, it all cools and shrinks, yielding a looser volume feel. This definately is happening but I am very impressed you are actually able to notice it. You are anal for sure! haha. Watch me notice it on my premaps from now on thanks to you!

Then again, this is yet another example of what the human brain can do when you truly pay attention to something. It is the very reason we prefer nice stereos to something of lesser quality. Most people would consider us all anal to hear any difference in sound between two components as it is! You are simply all the more sensitive, which is really cool IMO.

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Looking through your other posts it appears you are a rational person; yet this. What you suggest is impossible. You are imagining things. That's OK, we all do from time to time.

It would be best to contact Audiogon to have this thread deleted before you lose all credibility.
Herman, it's cool. I'm rational but overly anal about audio and some other things too, and I'll risk losing my credibility here. I've never requested a post be deleted here and it's more hassle than it's worth. I feel I've contributed enough valuable feedback in these forums to withstand a small hit for an audiophile-anal post... What the heck, I'll admit to being obsessed with all things audio-it's not my worst fault but it's a biggy. I believe there are plenty of us. Aball.. thanks man! I follow your posts with interest and you always seem to be out there and at the ready with valuable feedback and one of the gentleman of audio in this community. I appreciate you man. I'm sure I must be spending too much time in these forums- but I'm as obsessed with Audiogon as much as audio gear.
Sure! I know exactly what you're talking about. However, in my system, I've noticed the volume control feel is not dependent on the power cords used.

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The only other (!) reason is mechanical: the knob turns differently due to friction (axis touching chassis, lubing changing due to temperature etc).
The sonic variability... isn't, don't worry about it.