Ever hear of Wharfedale Achromatic 5 MK II ?

I just became owner of these at an auction, but can find no information of them. They are very similar to the W70 MK II units in appearance, but that's where it ends. The left midrange has been changed to a poly driver, the right one is a Philips unit made in Belgium, and the tweeter is not purple like the original, and is a Philips, made in Belgium. The coolest part is the changes made to the woofer. They removed the magnet assembly to expose the voice coil. Where the speaker wire connection is, they added a pot to adjust the tweeter to the environment, but took all of the crossover and lowered it to the woofer level, where the coils are at the same level as the woofer voice coil, driving the woofer through induction. Anybody?