Ever hear of Mu Metal for video shielding Subs?

A long time ago before my local dealer closed his doors and retired, he carried something called Mu metal. It came in self-adhesive sheets and looked a lot like a refrigerator magnet. Well now that he is closed, I need some of stuff. Supposedly, its just the ticket for wrapping your subwoofer in when you are forced to place it in close proximity of your tv. Has anybody else heard of this stuff, know if it works and most importantly where can I get it.
Thank You
have a sheet of mumetal measuring 12"x24" model COF-2 (non tape backing)
when shuffling things around and find my tv in close proximity to a sub or speaker i get it out. have it stored in a gatefold lp cover and just open and set the cover in place to take the green fog away.
paperwork just says PAC pacific accessory corp santa ana ca 92705 kurt
Try Google search "magnetic shielding" and sort through the suppliers. I doubt you want the container made from six non touching concentric mu metal layers for storing exotic lab specimans ($3600)but it sure was cute.
Check out Michael Percy Audio. He carries this I think.
Good luck.
mu metal is very good but you don't really need its sophistication for simple shielding-- any highly magnetic iron or steel sheet will work. Note that magnetic in this case means "capable of being magnetized", not actually in a magnetized state! In other words, go get some low-carbon steel sheet from your local steel yard and it will work fine.