Ever Hear a Tube CD player?

I've read about Triode Corporation's tube CD player (circa 2007) and was wondering if a tube cd player sounded, well, good?
I have a California Audio Labs Alpha DAC that I used with computers.  It uses two 12AX7.  It's has a warm presentation.  I bought it to take the edge on of those early CD's.  I hooked it up not long ago and was surprised how well it performed, given it's age.  If I were looking at tubes for digital I'd be searching for a Tube Buffer device.
I owned a tube ARC Ref CD-8 for about 9 years.  It sounded ok to me, but I never compared it to anything else.  I just stepped up to a new tube Ref CD-9SE, which should be delivered on Monday.  Kinda' curious how the redbook CD side of the CD-9SE compares to my old Ref CD-8. 

Of course, the CD-9SE has a DAC side that can be used for streaming.  I guess I will learn how to stream now.

One good thing about ARC tube CD players is that they help to keep one's listening room warm in the winter.  lol     
Cat doorman my Ah tjoeb CD player is very very good , so far so good.
Been using my ARC Ref CD 9SE for about 5 days.  It is still breaking in.  Initial impressions are that it is very good, better than my old ARC Ref CD 8.  And yes, the CD side of the house is redbook only.  The CD 9 also has DAC functions, which I look forward to discovering.