Ever feel like a "low dollar" customer that your dealer doesn't think worth their time?

I'm a careful researcher for audio gear and I also understand the value of brick and mortar stores. I am not OCD and I am not an irascible haggler. Indeed, I have told my local stores that if they carry something I like, I will buy from them and not try to find it cheaper on the net. I have purchased major pieces of gear from them.

Nevertheless, one local shop is erratic in how it treats me. Emails can take a long time to get acknowledged, and often exchanges take several back-and-forths to get clear questions answered. This shop sells gear at my price point and up to 10x more (think Wilson speakers, $7k power cords). I often feel I'm more like a fly buzzing around their heads than a valued customer trying to establish a customer-dealer relationship. I am trying to be loyal, but it makes me want to shop online. I could be reading the situation wrong, but this is definitely a pattern.

Has anyone else had the sense that they were too much of a "low dollar" customer to be worth the dealer's time?
I live in Portland, OR and we have a handful of terrific dealers. I did have a bad experience at one NW Portland location. This specific dealer sold the Rega Brio and Totem Rainmakers. I was interested in hearing that combination together as I was looking to spend around $1000 on an integrated amp. I could tell the shop owner thought I wasn’t worth their time.

When I asked to demo the combo I received a sigh from them since they had to hook the speakers up to the Rega Brio. And half way through only the second track they asked if I heard enough and then cut off the music. I was the only customer in the store so not sure what their hurry was. Haven‘t returned since. I understand I was looking at one of their least expensive products, but why carry this item if they have no interest in selling one to a customer.

After hearing the Rega Brio, and other comparably priced integrated amps (at other dealers), I realized I was making a side grade rather than an upgraded. Ended up increasing my budget to $2500 and made a purchase from a different dealer.


...to add to what others are saying about Echo Audio, they really are that amazing. There’s been times when Kurt has handed me his iPhone and told me to go nuts streaming on any of their systems. He even encouraged me to disconnect speakers myself and hook anything up I wanted to. Very trusting and welcoming of him. Just one example of the many great experiences I’ve had at Echo. I have also been talked out of purchases at Echo too, and suggested I check other local dealers that may have products that better suited my needs. Pure high class from the folks at Echo Audio.

you can feel like that.  Dealers want to sell anything to anyone  The lower priced junk is the good stuff Dealers need to sell   let's have happy feelings  
ListenUp, here in Albuquerque was superb in delivering my Magnapan .7's.  I have four systems and there was never an issue.  Thanks Shawn.
When I worked High end audio or audio at all, I always fully entertained those who had not the cash. Even the teen kids. No problem. 

They’ll be back, if you treat people right. One must always look good in their minds. They all eventually find themselves in the ’I know this guy, this great guy who knows some stuff’ mode, and they come to you.

This is the way it should be. Sadly, not often is.

@bomd, I too have found Echo to be cool. I had been at the old location, and recently accompanied a friend of mine to the new store in Beaverton when he went there to get a new belt for his Pro-Ject turntable. Though it was only a (iirc) $20 sale, they treated him as if he was a valued customer.

Their demo rooms were well treated acoustically, unlike the NW shop you mentioned. In that shop I heard the worst demo I've ever experienced, of the excellent Magnepan 30.7 (the first stop on Wendell Diller's North American tour), which should have sounded great but didn't in the shop's atrociously bad room. It was like a cement bunker, with no wall treatment.