Ever Bought an Audio Product that was Stupid Good for the Money?

This is the place to share. Please no shills. 
Cambridge Audio CXU HD!  Very good as a transport for CD's and SACD's (out plays all others I have had), and stunning for DVD's and Blu Ray's.  At $700.00 it is a steal.

Musically, from Glen Gould to Clapton it is excellent.

Rest of system: Chord DAC, Mark Levinson 380s pre-amp., Wired for Sound 4 channel amp., Emerald Physics CS-2 Speakers (bi-amped).  Cords by Analysis Plus.
Synergistic Research Red Receptacle. Very nice improvement for just under $100. 
I found another budget gem. The small and light weight Rega RS1 bookshelf speaker.

Its not picky at all about placement and sounds much bigger than the BBC types of monitors. Mine sits on a bookshelf not far from the wall and it sounds brilliant for any price.