Eventus Audio Metis: Interested In Your Experience

Pair of these on the way for me. For those who have had any experience am intrigued how you felt about them and if you own them what you've done for best sound (cable etc). There's little US coverage on the Eventus line but the little I've found seems to talk very highly of them.

I'm very interested in the concept they utilize of shaping the interior cabinet w/ a unique anechoic design to reduce standing waves along w/ placing the crossover parts (which seem to be of very high quality) into an isolated chamber at the bottom of the speaker and out of the internal sound chamber.

They look beautiful as well which makes it easy to integrate into my listening room since doubles as my main living room.

This line really is hard to get a read on...just keeping the thread alive and wondering if anyone has heard these and what they thought.
Trying one more time...anybody?
Looks like you're going to be the one to get the ball rolling. I know of no one who has a pair. I looked at them when shopping for speakers, but passed when I couldn't find any info about them. If they sound as good as they look, you should be fine. Give us an honest review when you hear them.
Well I've been running them now for about a week but it's still too early for me to give any useful feedback since my DAC (Ayre QB-9) is still burning in at less than 200 hours.

That said I'll give some initial impressions...

Very detailed high's without that shrill metal dome attack (these are cloth dome Morel tweeters). The low end very tight and impressive considering the size, no booming or muddy lows, just the right amount of attack. They won't reproduce the lowest organ octaves but in my room they have measured down to about 34Hz at reasonable Db levels. The bottom firing port allows placement near the rear walls but they still sound their best pulled out about 3 feet from the back wall...i'm still experimenting with placement and toe in. The mids are very smooth but would say are more forward sounding than i was expecting. I wouldn't say these are "rich" in the mid but rather exhibiting a more accurate/revealing character. Soundstage is wide as my imagination! these speakers definitely disappear like houdini and you get that pinpoint stage accuracy where you can virtually follow specific instruments across and through the stage. Amazing on some well recorded classical pieces and some older live rock albums where quitarists are moving around on stage.

My dad is an ex-jazz drummer and when he's over he says he feels like he's back in the clubs listening to his fellow musicians laying down some live sets. I'd say that's a pretty good endorsement.

So still letting my system settle a bit before going into any further insight. Some changes i'm planning to make to improve my overall system may filter down to the speakers as well...i'd like to take all my gear off the power conditioner and run it through an isolation/surge unit only. I recently took my amp off the conditioner and it was like a veil lifted so I'm going to experiment with the rest of the system as well. I'm also looking into upgrading the power cords to some verastarr cables over the current stock pieces currently in use.

Finally i'm not housing my gear on an ideal rack...glass!!!...so hoping to get an isolating rack soon as well.

This whole journey may soon turn on it's head however as I'm trying to get a Devialet in house for a demo and sell my full Ayre system (already listed). I heard the Devialet in store demo and it was amazing so i want to see how that translates over to my setup.

Back to the speakers though...my initial impression...impressed! I obtained these through trade and considering the value I received I feel like I won the lottery!
I just spent some time on the Eventus website. Thanks for the link. All their products look beautiful, and the whole operation seems pretty impressive. Good Luck with your audio journey and I hope you continue to enjoy the speakers. Happy Listening.
Thanks Adam. This manufacturer is relatively well known in Europe/Asia but they haven't quite received much attention in the states. I'm glad i took the leap of faith so far...will return with additional listening notes as time goes by.
Congrats on the new speakers. How can you hear guitarists moving around the stage on older live rock albums?
It's the channel separation, you can hear when they move left, right, fore, and aft...the separation and movement in relation to the soundstage is fantastic.
Hi Jcote.
I hesitated in writing this, as my impressions were not altogether positive and my experience brief. Here goes...I listened to these at the local Sydney high end dealer, Audio Connection. They were expensive here - around $7000 including stands. In store I compared them directly with small second hand MBLs (311Es), both with Jadis equipment (DA50 signature amp). To be honest, I preferred the MBLs - smoother, fuller, less etched. This store has an amazing range and I also listened to Wilson Duettes and Sonus Faber Guarneri Mementos, albeit with different electronics (Jadis JA30 & ARC Ref110 amps, ARC pre and CD; ) - these speakers likewise suited my tastes more than the Metis - I'm not a huge fan of the Sonus Faber's house sound, but the Mementos, for better or worse, are voiced closer to "ordinary" speakers - silky highs, but some nice punch in the bass and reasonable midrange clarity (the Wilsons took clarity to another level, at the cost of some sweetness).

I've since purchased Usher Be718s, initially guided by the rave reviews, aesthetics, and realistic price - these are incredibly smooth, and offer a generous sound stage that impersonates a larger speaker; they benefit immensely from the matching Usher stands (to which they bolt), and from detailed powerful amplification and ancillaries - I wouldn't readily swap them for one of the more expensive alternatives: given the store demos I'm not convinced that the extra money buys sound that I appreciate - of the speakers mentioned the Mementos sounded closest to the Ushers. The Metis look great, but I felt they were overpriced and presented a smaller, slightly drier, view onto the music.

So overall re the Metis = beautiful speakers, but not ideal for my tastes.

All the best,
Hi Rob,

Appreciate your views. I have no personal comparison to those speakers you mention but in the usual good spirited response:

I'm sure the SF's and Wilson's would cost a good penny more compared to these so comparison there might be out of scope. I'm not sure how much a used set of MBL 311e's go for but they appear to be a 3-way design (w/ Ribbon tweeter) vs. the Metis's 2-way although both are still monitors. The Usher is probably the only real competitor here and as you mention much more realistically priced for most folks. I've also heard good things about them and considered them at the time I was looking for a new set of monitors. Had the opportunity for the Metis not presented itself I may have gone forward with the Usher plans.

I definitely agree that more money doesn't necessarily buy better sound (or sound I'm looking for) although I seem to be acting inversely to that with the purchase of my next system "upgrade" (Devialet DPremier).

I still stand by my original observations and I'm sure we can agree that everyone's tastes are different. Are these the best speakers in the world...definitely not...have I heard better...definitely...are these the last speakers I'll ever have...not likely...

Value-wise for what I obtained them for I think my decision was well worth it and I'd do it again if I had the opportunity. How likely am I to get different speakers within the next year or so...well time will tell but I think we're all looking for that next best thing.
i have had phobos for 3 1/2 years now there great!