Even "Cheap" CD-RW work in Sony 9000ES

Well I went down to Best Buy this week and bought the cheapest no name CD-RW's to try in my Sony. I bought a 10 pack of "PNY" Technologies CD-RW's for $7.99 (.79 each), burned them on my HP CD writer+ 9300, and guess what...They worked on the 9000ES!!!!! I even erased one and re-recorded over it and it still read it just fine!!! Now if I can just find a CDR blank with the same reflectivity properties as the CD-RW. I'll keep trying different CDR's and IF I find one that works I'll report back!!
I tried to use a Maxell CD-R for music and recorded on my Plextor 12/10/32S some Diana Krall MP3s and it will not play on my 9000ES.

I wonder if a CD-RW will work like you mentioned.

In the Sony manual it states it will not play CD-Rs but will play CD-RW. Darrell, you are having much better luck than I am. I have not gotten any of the CD-RW to play in my player and wonder if it's my 9000 or the HP CD Writer plus 8200 that is the problem.

Since I've found two different brands of CD-RW's, it may be your HP burner. The HP CD writer is a Model 9300.
I maybe wrong or I just did not look hard enough on the manual.
All I saw was it will not play CD-Rs on pg. 7 but I did not see anything saying it will play CD-RWs, I actually did not see anything written on it pertaining to CD-Rw's at all. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
I will try to record on a CD-RW though and hopefully I get lucky like Darrel.
I got a CD-RW to work on my Sony 9000ES. The brand is Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-RW. Thanks a lot for the tip guys.
Rmml: you are correct. At www.vcdhelp.com it states the 9000 will play both R and RW. In the manual it states that it will not play CD-R. I had gotten my sources confused.
My recollection is reading that there are two storage sizes with CD-Rs, and the Sony 9000 plays one size and not the other. Hearsay, but it seemed to be a good source.
I created a CD-RW music CD with my LG CD burner using a Memorex Fast Write CD-RW. The CD-RW plays in my computer's Toshiba DVD player and in the S9000ES. It does not play in any of my two cars.

I created a CD-R music CD. It plays in my computer's DVD player, and both cars, but not my S9000ES. The CD-R is not Memorex.

I need to play with this a little more to see if I'm causing something with my settings. These were my first CD-R's and CD-RWs.