Eva Cassidy Documentary, Kay Commercial and New Album

Eva Cassidy: a woman who gave us the gift of her voice, only to leave us with the fortune to hear her wonderful expression of song. 3 consecutive Number One albums - bringing joy to people from all walks of life, from all parts of the world.

She is one of the few artists to ever be recognized by only her first name, Eva. Not familiar with her name? Listen to her original cover of Sting’s Fields Of Gold or her stunning original rendition of Over The Rainbow.

Eva Cassidy - Fields of Gold

Eva Cassidy - Over The Rainbow

A new documentary will be aired Jan 3 - Here’ a link...
Eva Cassidy The Night That Changed Everything Documentary

New album news:
"A new Eva Cassidy 20-track acoustic collection featuring her version of "Time After Time" is being planned for release in the new year from Blix Street Records."
from the article...

Eva’s music is used in the background of this season’s Kay Jewelers
Broadway World Article - Kay Commercial

Eva fans still hang out here:
Eva Cassidy Discussion Group
I own every record of Eva, if you haven’t already own listen to NightBird ~ 7LP’s collection of her haunting performance at the Blues Alley jazz club.
New album. Acoustic, can be pre-ordered on Amazon now. It is released on Jan 15th.

At 68 years of age, I can't believe I first heard of Eva about 3 years ago. Such a tragic life. Her voice was so full of emotion no matter what she would sing, her guitar was as unique as her voice. I still need to wipe my eyes each time I listen to her. A true angel. Thanks for the memories!
When my mother passed away a few years back, we used Eva's versions of "Wonderful Life" and "People Get Ready" to accompany a slide show of family photos at her celebration of life.  Not sure what more I could say to tell you how I feel about Eva's music.  
Happy Listening,
On March 7th, Keith Grimes will do a tribute to Eva Cassidy on my Forbidden Alliance radio program on WOWD 94.3 FM in Takoma Park, MD.
My copy of Acoustic arrived today.  Wow!

In my book she stands head and shoulders above every other female vocalist I've heard.  
I’m late to the discussion, but I have to add:
She was an incredible genius with the humanity of the ages in her voice.
I can’t hear her without tears forming
And her power is so strong that I can’t listen too often.
There’s just no one who compares.

Her death of melanoma was a real tragedy. A little off subject but, as someone recently diagnosed with melanoma (fortunately caught and surgically removed in time), use sunscreen, avoid excess sun exposure and see a Dermatologist for a complete skin checkup at least once a year. Melanoma is very common but also very preventable and treatable ….if caught in time.