Eva Cassidy Catalog

Like many on this group I am a fan of Eva Cassidy's music. I thought I had her complete catalog including the new release "American Tune" but after a music search I found I was missing two titles. Has anyone heard "Method Actor" and "No Boundaries" and can comment on them? I understand they are different from her other recordings in style and content. Thnaks.
I thought I had them all too. Now I find I'm missing "No Boundries". Method Actor is a 1988 recording - frankly, it reminds me of some kids recording in their garage, but Eva's raw talent is still worth hearing. I assume you have "The Other Side" in which she does Over the Rainbow with Chuck Brown? What did you think of American Tune - I just ordered it?
I have both. Method Actor does have that slight rawness to it, but the music is OK, and of course Eva is always good.

No Boundaries is still an Eva record, but it doesn't grab me at all emotionally like almost everything else she does. It's almost as if she did a bunch of songs for top 40 radio. Others may disagree, but it's my impression. It does have some good points, but I hardly listen to it.

I also got American Tune, it's another winner from Blix Street. Nice choices of music, some of it a little plain, but anyone who's heard the Live At Pearl's will appreciate it.

Go to the Eva Cassidy web site if you'd like to get it, though; there's a link from the web site to Amazon, and if you order that way, a donation is made to a cancer charity. Very nice !

My two cents....

Enjoy !

Todd - chams_uk
Hi Newbee, always enjoy your post. Yes I have the album with Chuck Brown, really enjoy it. The American Tune cd is very much in the same vein of her others, very diverse collections of music sung wonderfully. She sings the Beatles, Duke Ellington, Paul Simon, Billie Holiday and a killer version of "Drowning In The Sea Of Love" You won't be dissapointed. Thank you for the information on her music, I will order both. Good listening .