Eva Cassidy

Two words, buy it. Anything you can find by this unknown, gifted singer. It's a crying shame that this talented lady passed away so young (33). Her music (mostly covers of other singers) is filled with so much heart.Words can't describe.

Agree totally and 110%. All proceeds from the sale of her CD's goes toward a foundation in her name doing cancer research. Don't forget to order "The Other Side" which is a duo CD with Eva and Chuck Brown.

What a wonderful voice, coming from a person who enjoyed very simple things, and had to be coaxed on the stage, she made little of her talent that was lost to us way sooner than it should have been.

Philefreak; I agree with you and Beemer. I now have all of her CDs, but the one that got me started was "Live at Blues Alley", and remains my favorite.

I had a thread not too long ago called something like "Music Finds for the Month", and my "finds" were Eva Cassidy and Holly Cole. There were quite a few members who commented on Eva Cassidy especially. Craig
She was truely gifted with a wonderful voice. It was amazing that she was able to fly under the radar screen for so long with her voice. Now people are finding out about her and her music after a People Magazine article.
Don't buy "No Boundaries." It is said to be "overproduced pop drivel that Eva surely would not have wanted released were she still with us today," and I understand that Eva's parents did not want it released.

Buy The Other Side, Live at Blues Alley, Eva By Heart, Songbird and Time After Time. I dont have Songbird, but I read that it went platinum and recently topped the charts in the UK.
No Boundries is ok, but like you say over produced.
I love "Time after Time" her guitar work on this disk is by far her best. Blues Alley is my second favorite, but no matter wich she was a real talant that gets played all the time here! Thanks to her parents for allowing her to live on.
Whenever I put on an Eva Cassidy cd for someone who never heard of her the response is always the same,"Wow who is that!" I use the first 2 tracks of "Live at Blues Alley" to show off my system. Goose bumps!
I agree with all the posted comments. I think she was gifted with one of the better voices of modern times - clear, with a good range and very, very expressive (perhaps her greatest atribute). Some of the "later" albums are overproduced but listen to as many as you can and choose what pleases you. My favorite is Eva by Heart. Enjoy!
Unknown? Perhaps formerly, but now Eva is on top of the charts in England and everyone thinks they have been the first to discover her. This is the most cynical form of marketing. Nick Drake is antoher example of this phenomenon as is Iz, the dead Hawaiian singer plumbing the jazz lite charts. Death, particularly tragic death, is the one of the greatest ways to become popular. Wake up.
It might be cynical if a big record company were behind it. A few cds produced by Eva's friend passed around, a dj here and there have played them, now there's a groundswell and several songs have been heard on first run tv shows. She was discovered by the public in the UK before the US. I think I said above that Songbird had gone platinum and was atop the charts. Nothing cynical about it.

Try this experiment. Buy Songbird (because it has good stuff from 3 other cds) if you dont have it, play it for a friend who hasn't heard of Eva Cassidy, but don't tell him she passed away. Get his reaction to her singing first. This is what happened to some of the djs in the UK and on the East Coast who started to play her stuff. They were floored by her singing, and then saddened to learn of her passing.

Her growing popularity does trouble me a little. The public usually doesn't appreciate singers as good as she was.