EV12 TRXB vs Tannoy D-500

I have a pair of Electrovoice 12 TRXB's in some beautiful cabs, with vintage McIntosh tweeters as supertweets...I removed the backs of the cabs and that improved the presence of the trxb's quite a bit.

Now, I have a chance at some Tannoy D-500's...

I wonder if its a definite upgrade??

McIntosh MC40's managed by a Berning TF-10 is the main hardware.
The TRXB works best in a folded corner-horn enclosure. They were called Aristocrats. If you can't find or build such and enclosure, you MAY be better with the Tannoy's.

If you have 300 SETs, the TRXBs will sound even more amazing. Definitely GRF or Aristocrats ( folded horn or transmission line ) cabinets will bring the best out of coaxial speakers.