European Audiogon, continued

A consensus has developed around the idea of Audiogon remaining a singular site with perhaps layers that would distinguish language and location. It would seem that a European member specifically and all members in general might be best served by being able to customize their view of Audiogon; such that it would read in their time zone in their currency, and items searchable by geopgraphic region.

It has been suggested that forums would best be served by being English only. A thought we have is that general forum topics could be further divided into categories of interest specific to Europeans such as a Meridian forum, voltage conversion, etc.

Another topic we would like to hear from Europeans is their comfort level in transacting overseas. Is their a concern to the point that you will not transact with members outside of Europe. If that is the case would you be willing to transact if Audiogon could in some way guarantee the arrival of your purchase for an additional fee?

We appreciate all input, especially from European members, about what they would find helpful in interacting and transacting with the global audiophile community.
It seems to me that Europeans are more confortable buying overseas than US people. Maybe it's because, over the years, we had no other choice. (US is a much bigger market) Audiogon has been a good place for that since there's a great trust relationship between members. I would like that trust to continue. If Audiogon comes up with a system of guarantee than that's even better.

I would find helpful if more people, specially US, would be willing to sell worldwide. If a new Audiogon guarantee would help, great!
It's a guarantee for both buyers and sellers.

More topics can be a good idea, although I wonder how many members read forums by topics? I always choose the last 12h or 24h topics and go through everything. I never know in wich topic the questions are on.
I've traded across the Atlantic several times-twice on Audiogon and a few times elsewhere I never encountered any problems but the potential is there.

Also it is important that importers know there is fees to pay,here in the UK you pay import duty and VAT-it is not cheap-there are also voltage and warranty issues-Audiogon need to make sure potential buyers are aware of the pitfalls or else they may well take the brunt (rightly or wrongly)of irate customers.
Of course Audiogon seems well run and limited in major problems but going international will surely provide different challenges.

I also repeat my previous warning-Audiogon needs to ensure it does not upset Manufacturers and retailers,especially here in Europe.
There is a balance to be struck by fair trade and upsetting those who Audiogon require to exist.
Many manufacturers do not allow US equipment to be shipped to Europe but have special European versions of the same equipment.
If Audiogon start to upset retailers and distribuiters they may find themselves isolated or discriminated against..

I have experienced this first hand and the UK retailers stick together like glue on this...I have my own opinions on that despite having sympathy with their situation some retailers forget the customer should be king and do not provide the service that should go with spending the kind of money we are talking about....

It is a great idea in principle and on the subject of the forums I think keeping it universal rather than creating some sub-community but thay may inevitably happen anyway......
Personally I had nothing but good experiences buying from the US (one minor hiccup was the Theta DAC which was advertised as Version A and turned out to be non-A version).

AgoN system of garantee would be most welcome though, especially when you want to buy something more expensive.
I couldn't imagine why Audiogon would want to get into the escrow business. Being a middle-man seems like such a hassle what with damaged shipments, misrepresented goods and so on.

Are there already international escrow services Audiogon might be able to partner with, just for an idea?