European Audio Team KT88 tubes

After having read the eulogistic review of these tubes in HiFi+ (not another one....), I'm curious to know more about these tubes. Given that they are rather expensive (nearly $175 each) and bear a strong physical resemblance to the Tesla (non-JJ) models, I'd appreciate any feedback fellow audiogoners care to offer on the matter. fwiw i have a rogue amp and am currently using gec kt88s but would like something more punchy without compromising on their other qualities.
After reading issue 19 of 'Vacuum Tube Valley' ( ), I'll be expanding my 'collection' of Ei KT90s and using only them in one of my c-j Premier Elevens. The other will get the new Sovtek plastic-base 6550s (only $39 per bias-matched pair) that I bought.

You probably should buy and read that issue.