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Does anyone have any recommendations for power amps / pre-amps that will work in both 115 VAC or 230 VAC @ 50 / 60 Hz? The only gear I've found that will accomplish this thus far is Emotiva.
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What level of quality, price, what kinds of loudspeakers?
There are a lot of Class D amps that can do this readily enough. Sometimes it's best to look at the amp's rear panel pic.
Benchmark AHB2
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Price: Under $3,000
Speakers: Eventually, Buchardt S400. Currently I have Klipsch Chorus IIs.
Why not just get a step up/down transformer?
Not to be snide, but if you can afford to live in both regions, why not just get amps/pre that are made for the current available? I doubt you would be carrying them across the country.
@gdnrbob I cannot afford to live in both regions. I am merely impatient and want to enjoy my gear now and take it with me later. 
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My apologies. I should have been much more specific. I don't "do" DAC stuff. I am an "all analogue guy" (LPs). I did see that the NAD had a phono stage, but . . . the other features on that device, I would not really need. 
I shall look into the Nuprime recommendation though. Thanks!
Redstar the NAD C 658 still sounds great with the Nuprimes regardless of the built in dacs or not, the Dirac room correction can really help tame bad room acoustics.

So you may want to reconsider your position.

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