Europa/PSB Silveri/Meadowlark kestrel 2

I've just updated my main system , and am considering the above 3 speakers for my HT system. I like laid back, warm sound from my system. I've a NAD T762 which does a competent job. I'm not a bass freak ... So lack of bass from any of the above speakers is not an issue with me.
So has anyone in the forum compared the three? I'm leaning heavily towards the silveri even though I'm told that they are discontinued ....

Working at a Dealer that sells both the PSBs and the Meadowlarks, I would recommend either as a great speaker. I do not have any experience with the Europas. The PSBs are a bit more forward and have better bass extension. They have great tonal balance but tend to bit a little less "deep" in soundstage. The New Kestral 2s soundstage live a bandit and have that "touch" of warmth that you say you like. Not as much slam in the bottom end but VERY well balanced bass for what the do put out. Your 762 should drive either very well unless you have a huge (read 30 X 30) room or want to put a real hurting on your eardrums. Just my 2 cents. Best suggestion is to audition all you can and let your ears decide.

i would agree with the psb.
You are comparing two floor standers to a stand mount. I have heard the PSB Gold i, but not the Krestel2 (just the original HR) and own a piar of the Europas. I have also owned dozens of other speakers in the past 20 years. All 3 of these speakers are excellent choices, but in my experience, the Europas, once broken in and set right, are the most musically enjoying speakers I have owned no matter if I use cheap electronics like my Panny SAX-R45 or my Coda/SF combo in my downstairs rig. For $880, they are one of the best bargins I have come accross.
Have to agree with the Europa's. Just a flat out incredibe speaker that just gets better and better with use.
I have heard the PSB and the Meadowlark K2's. Both are really nice. I haven't heard the Europa's but they get rave approval here. I see it as a win, win, win, situation. I have heard NAD before and currently at times listen to 320 BEE model. However my preference is the MLA K2's. Time coherent and first order crossovers and they are a win, win situation I like the sound my Wife marvels at the workmanship. I myself plan on upgrading to the Nighthawks. Also MLA has the New American Eagles series. Complete matching system, 4ohm with two floorstanders, center channel and two surround channels for a little over 2000.00!
All handmade using silver solder, tara lab wire. Can't beat Yankee ingenuity.
I have the PSB Silver i's and the NAD T762. I can't comment as to the quality of other speakers/amp combo's, but I can say for certain that the PSB/NAD combo is an excellent combo.

Ditto everything Meadowman has said about the PSB/NAD's. While they do seem just a tad light on the bass (they will hit and dig out the deep notes down to 35ish hz, but they don't smack you in the chest like a 10" woofer will), I added PSB's Subsonic 7 15" subwoofer and can honestly say that I think THAT combo is actually better than a straight set of PSB Gold i's.

Very easy to listen to. I have mine pulled out from the back wall about 15", slightly toed in, and it made all the difference in the sound quality of the speaker.
Thanks a lot for your responses.
I have just placed an order for the Europas. Hopefully they'll turn out to be as good as they are made out to be on audiogon and audioasylum.
I had the PSB silveri about a couple of years back. I loved them. But because of my upgrade itch, I sold them for the veritas 2.3 .... I have been missing the silvers ever since.

I'll update this thread once I receive the speakers and get a chance to listen to them. I'll using the Zu Cable WAX speaker wires. Hopefully they'll be a good match.
Cacophonix.....Europa's are every bit as good as they are made out here. Better. Mine amaze me more everytime I listen to them. In no time the smile on your face will rival the smile on my face. Enjoy,
I received the Europas yesterday and I hooked it up with great expectations. I have to agree with all the hype. I never expected a brand new pair of speakers to sound this good. They are great. If I've to believe the users here, things can only get better as they break in. But the cosmetics is lousy :) Hey, the sound more than makes up for what it lacks in the looks department.
I have had my Europas for a year now and they do get better with use. You will pick up bass response and more depth to the staging. Not as pretty as the K2's I agree but a good stand can help. I bought the four post design from Sound Anchor and I think they make a great match. Do get a good stand if your don't already have them.
Also, I have upgraded my cables(both IC and digital) to Audio Magic per the speaker designer's advice. They work well with the Europa's.
Enjoy. Scott
I'm probably one of the few that likes the aesthetics of the Europas. Abbeydog has a good point that a nice set of stands does help, my Osiris stands certaily add to their appearance. I made a new set of speaker grills from 1/8" masonite stretched with black speaker cloth. I carefully routered out openings for each driver and one for the port so as to not add any reflection points. I must say they do look better.
I like the appearance of the Europa's art deco look. The wife likes it also. If you like the speakers now, wait until they break in. Bass and soundstage will increase. Talk with Roy for placement positions and advice. In my use, I have them toed in pretty good, play around with them a bit once they are broken in.
I hear ya loud and clear. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the sound that I would hear coming from those two little marble boxes would easily best my well broken in ADS double woofer floorstanders, but they did. I agree with the other post's here: As they break in the bass firms up dramitically, they become smoother and much more seductive. Undoubtedly the most "natural" sounding speaker I have heard. Wait till they have a couple hundred hours on them. Thats when you'll realise the amazing bargain these speakers truly are. Make sure you play them loud during break in. Glad you like them. Knew you would. Aloha and good listening.