Eurolab Premier TT and Phonomax Phono Stage???

The review of the Eurolab Premier TT with the Morch DP-6 arm in TAS has peaked my interest. Anyone have this set-up or have heard this set-up and can comment on it and/or compare it with others?

Also has anyone heard the Phonomax phono stage? Comments and comparisons?

I'm preparing to make the jump into analog, but I must look before I leap.

My system consists of:
Plinius SA250 MKIV amp
Audio Research Ref 2 preamp
NBS Monitor I XLR IC's
Dynaudio Contour 3.3 speakers
FIM Gold Speaker cable
Hardwood floors (suspended)

Your input and suggestions are always appreciated.

this is a great combo.i hear the 80mm platter sounds better.
I have a Phonomax Phono Stage. I have compared it to a Ear 834. The Ear has deeper bass and higher gain. I perfer the Phonomax it resolves more information.
I think they are very good items. If you like the Eurolab TT, then you should also look at the Teres Audio TT. It is a similar product with a few enhancements, and was designed to be a step up from the Eurolab. I have one, and it is great, and prices start from $1350 w/o arm. The Phonomax looked good to me, but lacked the needed gain for my cart. I bought a full tube preamp w/phono section instead.
I have a phonomax and am very happy with it. I owned a black cube in the past and their is just no comparison. The phonomax sounds like tubes but the low end is tight and natural. It is best used with cartridges .5mv and over though.