Euphoric tube amp sound?

I have recently played with an integrated Cayin 30 WPC with my Harmonic Precesion Echelons (90 db and 12 ohm) and have heard vocals like I haven't before, WOW! The bass is robust but tonally a little off, the highs are rolled and the ambience of the recording some what sucked out. i

My question is what tube amp for $800 tops has this euphoric midrange? I don't mind a little rolling off at the top and bottom, just not quite to the degree of the Cayin's top end.

My preamp is the SF Line 2. JPS NC cabling, Cary 303 200 CD.
Some of the older model Conrad Johnsons. MV55 certainly has the euphoric sound down.
I suppose you mean euphonic and the euphonic sound could make you feel euphoric. But I don't think equipment can in and of itself be euphoric. I've never seen my equipment feel much of any particular way.