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We are introducing High End speakers Euphoria in version stereo 2.0, which have the option to be upgraded to a surround 7.1 or surround 5.1. A unique one and a quarter-band structure is using the ideal characteristics of a very high sensitive full-range driver, which is complemented by a powerful bass woofer. This design features a great amount of details, excellent localization of instruments and spaciousness of music with powerful bass overtones.

It is suitable both for listening a high-quality stereo 2.0, and for home cinema surround 7.1 or surround 5.1 , which will bring the ultimate listening experience full of details.

Because of the ability to adjust the ratio of bass content to the full-range drivers, High End speakers Euphoria are the best to listen across the entire spectrum of musical genres. This speakers also allows a compensation of acoustic parameters due to the placement of the speaker in any listening space.

PropertiesConnection terminals High End speakers Euphoria
  • Setting the balance ratio of bass content to the five levels
    • Pure – maximum details
    • Balanced – balanced listening
    • Defined + 1dB – a slight predominance of bass
    • Defined + 2dB – a medium predominance of bass
    • Defined +3dB – a strong predominance of bass
  • Stereo Version 2.0
  • Extending Surround 5.1
  • Extending Surround 7.1
  • The color and the type of artificial leather up on customer request
  • The choice of 4 types of wood and five different shades of varnish
    • Oak
    • Ash
    • Cherry
    • Amercian nut
  • Double speaker spike unconventional system using real wood spheres 35 mm

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