Etymotic ER4P Reliability

Has anyone else had reliability problems with Etymotic headphones? I have had a pair for 2 years and have had them break now for the third time with the wiring to one of the ear buds going bad. CS is reasonable in processing the returns and doing the warranty work but having to do this every 8 months is a little ridiculous. I like them for the sound quality and noise block but what a hassle. Any good alternatives in a similar price range?
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Have used my my pair for more than 4 years and they are used 2-4 times a week. Other than changing filters or silicone plugs, they have been bullitt proof. My daughter used a pair daily for 2-3 years until she recently lost them. Same zero problem reliability.
I have had mine for 8 years and never had an issue, although I don't use them on a weekly basis.
mine too are years old with nothing but dependable, excellent sound
I have had problems with the Ef5, a lower priced model. The wire would unravel where it meets phone, or plastic stalk would break off. But on ER4's have had for 2 years+ and use them every day with no problems. Etymotic have always been responsive when I had a problem