Etude MP1

Anyone familiar with these terrific speakers?
I hear they are back in business.
Curious if anyone else has these speakers.
I had one pair of MP1 for many years and sold them to a friend who still has them.

Now I have WIlson Audio WATT/Puppy and they are good, but the MP1 had some details that were better.

Fantastic speakers, I remember them with pleasure.

Hi there,

I have a terrific set of Etude MP2 speakers for sale. They are in a stunning condition and I don't have to tell you what a sound they produce.

If you are interested please mail me.
I've still got my pair of the Kef 139 bass units is currently being replaced ......very little info around about them and I've never seen them for sale on ebay ..mine were bought around 1990 and they were used then ...I think they were advertised in hifi mags around 1983

..Awesome bass!
Interesting!!!! Mine were build in June 1984 for me. 4 way. 4 separate speaker connections allowing - quad-amping - if one wants to spend money on amps.
KEF B139 (1); Kef B110 (1); Isophone midrange (1); Audax tweeter (2).
What speaker units are in yours?
Have you made any changes to yours? How did it work out?

Have you compared to other stuff and what is your thinking? I listened recently to Talon Firebird and Coincident Total Victory 2. I did not think it was worth buying either of those models over the MP1.