Eton 8.1's or Apogee Slant 6

I'm trying to decide which of the two would be my best choice. I have several amps both tube and solid state to drive them. My room is only 14' x 13'. A box yes. But which of the two do you think would sound the best? I like detail and transparency. I also want dynamics and power at lower listening levels. I have owned Apogees before and really like them but I know nothing of the Eton 8.1's. One last thing I'm using Spicas at the moment and they sound wonderfully with 2 subs. What's your opinion? Which speaker should I consider?
Apogees are not known to do well with subs. It is a mismatch between the fast ribbon and the slower box. Having owned Apogees before, you probably know that.

The Slant 6 is Apogees smallest floor speaker. I have heard it in much smaller enclosures, and with a precious tube amp, the realism is breathtaking.

For your size room, I would look for the Slant 8. or a Centaur. They will fill the room better. You must be very careful the speaker is in good working condition.

Like this one

As for the Eto, it's a nice box.
I agree w/ Muralman1, mostly. The Slant 6 is great, I think that the later but more rare Cepheus 6 is better because it has provides more and better bass and arguably has a better crossover network. I have owned both and I prefer the sound of the Cepheus to the Slant.

Apogee hybrid ribbons are exceptional speakers but they do require a couple of things be just right:
1- They need room to breathe. A 14x13 room might work if the room is not too bright, but it is definately on the smaller side of preferred. I think that a Slant 8 is way too much speaker for your room size.
2- They are very inefficient and need need plenty of power. You will need a pretty beefy tube amp get decent bass, and that will be both expensive and challenging in a smaller room. The classic pairing w/ APogee hybrids is a "warmer" SS amp like the McCormack DNA 1or 2; the CJ 2250 or the similar Sonographe SA-250 or better yet the SA-400. I have also used a Krell KAV-250 w/ good results but the sound is a little on the dry and brittle side.

Finally, these things are almost impossible to ship easily so plan on a local deal or making a road trip to pick them up.
I heard the slant 6's once in a store demo. Voices were definitely in your face. I tried to move back but ran out of room. Just my 2 cents. Dan
So, far you all share some of the same thoughts I have. I'm looking for a pair of floorstanders that the bass will not overwhelm my room. I really wanted the Centaur Majors or the Centaur but they never come available locally or nearby. I have pretty much just given up. The one thing I truly love about the Apogees is the midrange. I don't have loud listening habits. I try and extract as much information that I can in my small space with the best dynamics that I can get. I considered horns but I don't think I;m ready for in my face in this little room just yet. I haven't gotten a single response on the Eton 8.1's. They are a better match for my room than the Slant 6's but I don't know about the midrange. Will or does it rival the Apogee Centaur line or other? I would also consider Electrostatic speakers (Not old Quads, didn't like them). I have had Magnepans and I had them singing in my room (MG12's). But they had to come out too far in my room. I ended up with a pair of Spica TC60's and they have served me very well. I want to replace the subs and TC60's with a full range speaker and so far no luck.

According to one deep pockets Apogee owner, the Centaur ribbon is second to none. He took out the mid and HF ribbons of his Full Range Apogees, and replaced them with a centaur ribbon. Centaurs do call for a more powerful amp than the Slant 6. I know of a $2k amp that will work wonders with it, if you are interested.

I don't see the 13 by 14 room as big a problem as others. One of my rooms is that big, and I can easily envision the hybrid Apogee there.

As for shipping, if you can afford it, Vintage Trucking specializes in antiques and valuable art. Everything is handled by two men with kid gloves. I have repeatedly shipped Apogees country wide with no problem at all. Just see they are snug in their cases.
Muralman1: "Apogees are not known to do well with subs. It is a mismatch between the fast ribbon and the slower box."

I have to disagree. The integration is pretty good because the boxes are sealed and are very fast. Hybrid speakers are fairly common, even these days. In fact, it is the bigger Apogees that do not integrate with slow subs in the market.

"They are very inefficient and need need plenty of power"
They do need power but they are more efficient than the all ribbons Apogees. The C-Major woofer needs a lot of power while its ribbon is easier to drive.

"Finally, these things are almost impossible to ship easily "

If you have the boxes then they are easier to ship compared to all ribbon Apogees because there is no danger of the ribbon diaphram getting ripped.

Recordho: The Quads will not give the bass. The Quad has better midrange than the C-Major but the latter is very very close plus with tremendous bass. Email me if you want more information.

"According to one deep pockets Apogee owner, the Centaur ribbon is second to none. He took out the mid and HF ribbons of his Full Range Apogees, and replaced them with a centaur ribbon."

Excuse me? Me, deep pocket? Did I win a lottery that you know and I do not?
Hi Mr. Gallant, did I name names???? Now that you have taken your bow, I want you to know I held up the example of the Centaur mated with the FR because I wanted to make the point the Centaur ribbon is highly valued.

For those reading this thread, go to Gallant's system to see what I am talking about.

Those gorgeous Rosewood Centaurs are still their for the taking. They are in Oregon.
Maybe you would like Klipsch kg4's in that small room?...I have a pair and I like them a lot. (you can find them for 2-$300).

I had Apogee Centaur Minors in the past, and I still own Apogee Duetta Signatures, and Apogee Stage (MiniGrands).

I should have a pair of tweaked, and upgraded Klipsch Forte in a few days....a logical step up from my Kg4's in my fairly large room.

Note: My Kg4's aren't for sale

muralman: I took your point but then I enjoy picking on you also, in case you still have not noticed :)

Yes, seriously, I love the C-Major ribbon and even after may years since I discovered it I have been faithfully sticking with and it has been faithflly serving me.
Whatever, and thanks for adding your opinion on the Centaur ribbon.
I am assuming we are talking about Eton8.1 kit from Madisound? I own a pair that were built by Lee Taylor (the cabinets) and love them. Let me know if these are what you are talking about and I will comment further.
Whoops, I meant to respond to original poster, RecordHo.