Etna or Atlas for Superscout?

Currently have a Kleos with my vpi superscout and 3D tonearm.

Great bass but looking for more detail and transparency in the midrange.

Is Atlas too much for this turntable? Heard it on a top of the line vpi turntable and was blown away by it.

Or with the superscout am I reaching a point of diminishing returns and be better off spending less money and using the Etna? Looks like Lyra cartridges might have gone up recently in price.

I thought a little while ago the Atlas was closer to 10K and now it seems closer to 12K.

Other cartridge brand suggestions would also be appreciated.


It seems that Lyra have increased their prices across the board...with the top models moving up more! I suspect this may be due to a possible introduction of a replacement for the Skala...which would need to be positioned away from the Kleos and yet not that close to the Etna...resulting in this pricing strategy. IMHO, this marketing strategy is possibly faulty, but then I’m not the importer, LOL.
Both great choices....non better in my opinion.  To THESE ears, the Atlas is perfect in everything...the Etna a weeee bit less.  But a bit more musical for me.  Your arm and table are perfect for either.  Remember Heifitz always played one note wrong (or slightly out of tune)  because he said only God is perfect. 
What is a Superscout, do you mean Super Scoutmaster with the 3D arm? If so I do not believe you could outclass the table arm combo with any cart as long as it fell within the parameters of the design goals of said arm and the Lyras all seem to mate well with VPI in general. Some other choices you might want to consider that I have had great success with the 3D arm are the Dynavector DRT XV1S, ZYX Universe X and if you can find one a Miyabi Standard.
It gets down to a matter of synergy, and personal taste, don't believe one is better than the other. I for one enjoy the full bodied and natural sound of the Etna. Good Luck

Price increase???  When is enough enough?   The MIGHTY ATLAS is only $10K ??   Try VdH.  I mean really, We are not amused. 

J Carr does not own Lyra.  He is merely engineer.  JCarr move to Japan.

He is now J Carr San. 

As I said above I think the Atlas is no longer 10k but 12k and though I love what I heard maybe it's time to look for another relationship.

Thanks for the Dynavector and Universe suggestions. Even Koetsu at this point is looking like sane pricing.

Yesterday, I was discussing with my local Lyra dealer the pricing of the Lyra cartridges. The Etna is now $9K and the Atlas is $12K...while the Delos is $2K. The dealer told me that the Etna was easily worth the price increase due to the cartridges sonic ability. He was quite convinced that the price was reasonable considering that these cartridges are hand made..and one at a time. Unfortunately, he was unable..or unwilling to demo the cartridges. The Delos is apparently the sweet spot in the line, with them flying off the shelf as soon as they appear in the shop! Apparently, the Kleos is not in such high demand, but if one wants one, the wait time is still several months!
Luckily, I think that there are some cartridges that are supposedly coming available that will make these Lyra’s look like chump change..
a starting price of $400K and topping out at $7Million!

Oh, I forgot that is five years from now;0) The Lyra J.Carr signature editions....LOL!!!

DaveyF, Ah so, 7M explains it that.  Top secret uncover it. New Rodan has winged design, First for Kim Jong II, mighty ruler of all N Korea. 

Release special delivery only. 12M be first hurry, limited time. I can't wait it out.