Etiquite Regarding Response Times to Offers

I wonder if sellers realize that when someone makes an offer to them, if they wait the entire 48 hours to reply (or some significant portion thereof), they are holding up the buyer from using their resources elsewhere. I find that quite annoying. Either reply yes/no or counter, but don't hold a person up!

The 48-hour lock on agon creates a disincentive for a seller to make a counter offer too. If you make a counter, you have to wait 48 hours for a response by the potential buyer, therefore precluding you from taking other deals. The 48-hour "lock" is troublesome in more than one way. Agree?
A lot of that is because of this wonderful Audiogon system. I don't receive e-mails from Audiogon telling me anything. If I don't go into my ad, I do not know if I have any offers, questions or anything. The system sucks for both parties.
I was recently in the market for a pre amp for a friend. A brick & mortar store had something listed here that looked good. I sent them a question thru Agon, no response. Sent a nother querey 2 days later. Nothing. Waited 2 more days and sent a third. Nada. I went to their web site and left a message thru the "contact us " link. Zilch. I then called them on their phone and left a detailed voice message. Nothing . Been 2 weeks, the piece is no longer listed, and Ive never gotten one reply. If their service is that bad before the sale, Im glad I wont have to find out how bad it could be after.
Winoguy17, that sounds like they sold the item through a backdoor channel to me. They should have had the decency to cancel the ad though.
Thats a possibility. It just annoys me when someone doesnt have the decency to give a simple reply. Plus I lost out on a different pre while I waited.
soon we'll all realize that audiogon is only good for discussions and nothing else.
At least Hoffmanization hasn't crept in yet:) SHHHHH
What is wrong with "real-time" responses? I don't see a need to wait at all. Once you click on the ad or message the seller or buyer should have to decide then and there what the next step will be. Just like real life.
I recently sold an amp here. It was my first sale with the new Audiogon system and it was a goat rope. I think about half of the questions and offers went to my email like they are supposed to. The other half were listed in my Agon inbox. I tried to accept 2 of the offers but they either never got the message or backed out.
I will say though, the amp sold within 2 days. As apposed to languishing for 2 weeks on a couple other sites. Sill the best place to sell if you want quick results.
I try to respond same day to offers. On work days it can take till the end of the day. I will say that the 48 hour lock really messes things up on a seller making a counteroffer. Puts that control in the potential Buyer's hands. On a different note, today I had an item that received 2 offers. The Audiogon system only sent one of those offers to my email. If I hadn't gone to My Page I wouldn't have known about the 2nd offer at all. I don't understand the inconsistency of the system. But this site is still the best one to have the best chance at moving your audio item.
I noticed that e-mail from Audiogon regarding offers is sometimes routed to my spam folder and sometimes to my in box. I can't determine a pattern, so when I have have something listed or I am offering I check both.
Can't wait for new or old management of the business.Its so lame but only game in town,cheers,Bob
I only get about 5% of email notifications from the AudiogoN system ... If I do not go to My Page I have no idea there is anything waiting for me. That said, if I HAD an ad I would check everyday for emails ... others with the same problem may not.
There is none!!
I am sure one reason for a slow response, is the seller is negotiating with an earlier bidder. I agree though, in that instance I would reply and say that is what is happening and I will re contact them when that negotiation is complete.