ETI Cables and Connectors back?

ETI has recently undergone new management and direction, they've updated their website (looks like they are still updating content and stuff), and have appointed a new Distributor for Germany who they exhibited with at the Munich High End audio exhibition at the start of the month.

I saw them there and was blown away that they are still around. after talking to a few people at the show (cable retailers and the like) they were also blown away and said that once they realised ETI were still around had decided to approach them to start using their connectors again. They are also claiming to redesign the bayonet plug to fix some issues people were having and inform DIY cable makers why the pins kept sliding out of their plugs (they weren't assembling them properly as per the instructions)

Has anyone else heard anything about them or anything to say on their attempt at a "reawakening"?

Someone also told me that they were getting into the HDMI race, bringing out a low cost High performance HDMI that can compete with Monster's best?!?!