Ethernet Capable DACs

I have not done too much research into this but I thought I would ask here to get some ideas.

I am looking to buy a DAC for my upgraded office system. I am not in a rush since I already have a Peachtree Nova 150 + KEF LS50's + Audience SE cables serving me well until I get a bigger room. So within the next 12 months, when I do get the bigger room, I want find a high performant DAC that can also do the functions of my Sonnare MicroRendu. I also do not want to spend money on a dedicated music server since I believe a computer is a more practical choice for me, especially if it is isolated via Ethernet.

I found that the Rendu works well with my former Benchmark HGC2 and now Peachtree Nova 150. However, I also think that the Rendu is a stop gap solution and the ultimate solution would be to have Ethernet in a DAC and eliminate the MicroRendu from the chain.

Is the DAC market headed this way towards Ethernet and away from USB? If so, what DAC's do you know of that are going to support this in the next 12 months. Theoretically, would Ethernet be better or worse than the current DAC connection options?

I think the Briscati M1 DAC supports this but I am looking for lower cost choices, especially for my office where I do not need the ultimate quality DAC.
I recommend you check out its the Digital sister site to stereophile. there is a huge amount of information there and a really good section of settin up a digital system with tones of helpful answers.