Ethernet Cables, do they make a difference?

I stream music via TIDAL and the only cable in my system that is not an "Audiophile" cable is the one going from my Gateway to my PC, it is a CAT6 cable. Question is, do "Audiophile" Ethernet cables make any difference/ improvement in sound quality?

Any and all feedback is most appreciated, especially if you noted improvements in your streaming audio SQ with a High-End Ethernet cable.

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if you can hear it even if you just think you can hear it, sure go ahead and spend the money for peace of mind. it doesn't matter whether or not there is an objective change as long as you perceive a difference. 
jimf42 - it doesn’t matter whether or not there is an objective change as long as you perceive a difference.

And this is why blind testing is very fair and extremely useful in these matters. It allows the listener who is subjected to the test to "guess" or otherwise "perceive" a difference, irrespective of whether or not there truly is one. I’ve stated numerous times - in response to objections that blind testing doesn’t prove anything - that what I’ve proposed (Amy > Bob, repeat) is NOT meant to prove anything. Instead, it is meant to *demonstrate* your ability to *reliably* hear what is impossible to hear, and what YOU claim YOU can hear.



It’s also the reason folks attempt to "save face" once they clearly think-it-over. 🤐

cleeds - ...But they were met by the forum's self-proclaimed objectivists with some odd preconditions, including a $25,ooo wager and agreements prepared by attorneys for "protection.....
What's odd about asking to handle the matter privately?
Seeking private information from users of an Internet forum, requiring a $25,000 advance payment - what you call an "escrow" - and negotiating terms of a listening test through attorneys is more than just odd, and has more than the whiff of fraud. It's clear that you're trying to conceal the details of your ruse.
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