When using ethernet for hooking up streaming devices and dacs, what cat level of  ethernet cable should be used. Is there any sonic improvement by going to a  higher dollar cat 7 or 8 cable?


@audphile1 AES/EBU doesn’t have the same noise rejection , error detection and correction capabilities as Ethernet. I have said it numerous times, Ethernet is not like your other cables, digital or otherwise. I used to have a Classe SSP-800 which pcm over HDMI from the NAD50.2, but when I move to the Delta Pre I bought a Audio Sensibility AES/EBU, but decided to try the kimber, and stuck with it because I like aesthetics of it. Maybe I heard a difference between the Audio Sensibility and the Kimber, but nothing transformational. What I did hear a huge difference was when I switched to the Delta Pre from SSP-800. 

@fredrik222 , Fanatical in getting noise out of my system, yes. Brilliant observation. 

From your reply to ghasley, it looks like you're relying on the ignorance (in a good and non offensive way) of others to look smugly superior until something like the last post from rockrider came along, which mirrors what I gleaned from the link I provided on ethernet protocols and just what can limit or hinder it, which you shot down as not relevant, though it seems to have been.

You're quite the strange fellow.

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@nonoise  that may be your interpretation, but not true. Correcting people like yourself who blindly posts articles with no understanding doesn’t mean anything to me. But my point is by actually trying to have a discussion around facts, it might help other people not to spend stupid money on things that do not matter. I will never convince you, because how Ethernet works, and the potential actual improvements you can make does not matter to you. But getting someone else to not be another you is a win.

as for @rockrider ’s article. It is very much focused in USB, and also contains factual issues. But more importantly, the article states over and over “your power supply sucks” and ends with, buy our power supply instead. 
Some of the factual issues :

Regular RAM is not bit perfect, and you can pay extra for error correcting ram

Noisy power supply does not automatically mean corrupt transfers 

I don’t think any higher end streamers uses wall warts or smps, could be wrong, but mine certainly do not

and lastly, more computer resources doesn’t mean better audio quality