When using ethernet for hooking up streaming devices and dacs, what cat level of  ethernet cable should be used. Is there any sonic improvement by going to a  higher dollar cat 7 or 8 cable?


@fredrik222 It must be frustrating to wake up each day, assert to total strangers that you are smarter than they are, you then kindly offer your input and they choose to ignore it? That's not the strange part, the strange part is that you continue to repeat this frustrating exercise each day to an audience who couldn't care less about your input.


You continue to assert that they can't possibly hear what they believe they hear. Why do you care so deeply? why is it your mission to remedy this abomination? You shouldn't have to carry that burden.


@fredrik222 I disagree and I already described why in a long post from the other day.
I even told you just now it’s fine that you can’t hear the difference. Hey there are people who can’t taste the difference between a two buck chuck and a good bottle of chateauneuf du pape. And I’m totally fine with this. You need to accept the fact that you may not hear what others hear and stop telling people they’re nuts. 


I have tried “audiophile” Ethernet cables, I have tried UpTone’s Etherregen, and I have not heard any difference.

For a person of such strong convictions, knowing that it couldn't possibly make a difference, what was it that made you try it to see if you could hear a difference? 

Did your faith waver? That would explain the zealotry as you came back into the fold.

All the best,

@audphile1  your analogy about the peanut butter? That is not how it works. There's no cleaning up at all. While I perhaps don't agree with with @12many 's analogy, and he even said it wasn't his strong suit, The better way to explain I think is that you have small child's toy, round holes, square holes, star holes, and triangle holes. Those are your 4 options with a PAM4 encoded signal like Ethernet. From a protocol perspective, as the PAM4 encoded signal comes across the wire, it fits in one of the holes, that's it. There is no option for peanut butter. All these signals coming through each hole is then assembled into a frame. Once the frame is complete, a CRC check is don't on the frame, and if the checksum doesn't match, the frame is completely discarded. No noise. There is no cleaning up. In a residential setting this is very rare, may happen once or twice per year that one frame is lost. So you can have your disagreement, but it is not rooted in facts.

@nonoise  Curiosity. It's a hobby I like to spend money on, so I do. Doesn't change anything. You are still the fanatical one, you are still the one saying it's a problem with me (impaired hearing), doesn't matter that you can't actually back up anything you claim.


@ghasley  never said I was smarter than anyone, I have said I know this particular topic better than anyone on this site, which so far, stands to be true, and when it doesn't, I'll admit so.