When using ethernet for hooking up streaming devices and dacs, what cat level of  ethernet cable should be used. Is there any sonic improvement by going to a  higher dollar cat 7 or 8 cable?


I'm gonna have to go with @nonoise he's been on here longer and has more post  than Fredrick. 

@nonoise  Thank you for finally admitting that you have no relevant knowledge on this subject.

@brunomarcs  Right, just admitted that he has no clue.

@fredrik222 ,

Nope, not in the least. I learned some along the way. My only sin was conflating loss of sound quality with data loss and noise over an ethernet cable. You pointed that out earlier in the thread. BFD. The point has always been about reducing noise on an ethernet cable.

The rest was you planting a flag on this mountain of a mole hill looking for revenge from some earlier, ancient thread, to which you admitted. You can't hear what others do with an ethernet cable swap and avoided answering my questions. That speaks a lot to your character.  Now, back to your bottle and I'll get back to my system, which is way more resolving than yours.

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@12many when your wife swaps the ethernet cables on the streamer make sure she power cycles the unit. Shut down (not standby). Swap, power it back on. 
What streamer, dac and digital cable type are you using or plan on using?

@fredrik222 can you list your components? Streamer, dac, amplification and speakers, interconnects, speaker cables?
How resolving of a system are you leveraging to test the cable related changes.