When using ethernet for hooking up streaming devices and dacs, what cat level of  ethernet cable should be used. Is there any sonic improvement by going to a  higher dollar cat 7 or 8 cable?


I didn’t hear a difference either when I put an AQ Cinnamon Ethernet cable between my router and music server.  But when I put a network switch between my router and music server the sound improved.  That prompted me to try the FMC’s and optical cable between my router and music server.  That was a large improvement in the sound.  No guess work about it. 

So the question is why does it make a difference?

Here is a cheap device available for purchase doing the exact same thing:

Well then, what's stopping you from getting one, sussing out your system, and getting back to us?

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And even PS Audio is making the claim that it doesn’t make a difference.

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After going back to the video, I noticed that the schematics are only available to Patreon contributors so I found this site that actually builds it along with the video from Mr. Carlson's YT channel.

It's much more sensitive than the junk posted earlier and should be an enjoyable task for those that are handy with an iron.

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@tonywinga  What type of sound quality improvements? If you had clipping, i.e. the sound cut out, it can be attributed to bad network performance.