When using ethernet for hooking up streaming devices and dacs, what cat level of  ethernet cable should be used. Is there any sonic improvement by going to a  higher dollar cat 7 or 8 cable?


@12many Goodonya!  At least you have an open mind, and I totally get wanting to do a blind comparison.  There are some here who refuse to even try something just because they don’t “believe” it’ll make a difference, which I honestly don’t even understand.  Especially with cables as they can be so easy to try with low shipping costs, free trial periods, etc.  I’d be very interested in what you find, and I may well do the same in reverse just to see if I may have wasted $200 starting out with better Ethernet cable.  

Here is PS Audio's take on this subject:

Spoiler! No difference, data is data.




@fredrik222 ,

From the time stamp on your reply, you didn't watch the whole video, did you? Then you go about with pound-your-chest pronouncements on how great you are and how uniformed I am and then have the audacity to say more members here don't hear a difference? Pure hubris. 

If you bothered to watch the entire video, the host invented a device that can "hear" the effects of RFI on any cable (even ethernet) or component. And to think you're presently using a wireless set up due to a renovation project, with all the attendant RFI polluting your system's sound. Do you hear the difference? 

Maybe lordmelton was correct in his assessment of you.

But, by all means, keep on attacking me and while you're at it, try some of the other members lest one think you have some personal grudge against me for some other, past posts that didn't deal with audio. That would tell me a lot as well.

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@nonoise  ok, so again you show your ignorance on the subject. The author of the video created a device to measure RFI and then output the measurements as audible noises. That is not something that is new at all, and is done daily in the world of science and in daily life. X Ray in the medical field is an excellent example of this. 

You keep making outlandish claims, post a link to something that isn’t even relevant , and when you are called out on it, you flee to the next outlandish claim. 

why are you even on here when you don’t want to learn? 

@fredrik222 ,

The device he came up with is different from the usual noise makers out there which is why he's posted the design of it, online, for free. That video is from 2021. If you're so smart, why don't you look it up, build it, do a sweep of your system, and get back to us?

Nothing outlandish in my claims and you still harp on and on which tells me you do hold a grudge from something from the past since you sidestepped my inference. What was it, exactly?

And again, is that one member correct and you don't hear any difference due to your hearing, even with wireless?

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