When using ethernet for hooking up streaming devices and dacs, what cat level of  ethernet cable should be used. Is there any sonic improvement by going to a  higher dollar cat 7 or 8 cable?



you are, again, absolutely wrong. USB and HDMI is not the same as Ethernet, and do not have a multi layer stack of error detection and correction. 
But way more important, and here is what you cannot seem to grasp, doesn’t matter how much information is given to you, the signal does not need to be perfect, as long as it is discernible a 1 or a 0, the signal is acceptable. There is no improvement in “packet quality” if you have a perfect signal, because there is no such thing as packet quality. What you are saying is essentially that your package from Amazon will have significantly better content if it was delivered in a Rolls Royce vs an Amazon truck, which is ridiculous. You get what you ordered regardless if it was delivered in an Amazon truck or a Rolls Royce.

If your packet somehow, including all the way down to the components of what you ordered, is damaged, Ethernet/TCP/IP will reject it and request another package. USB on the other hand will give the box a quick glance, and if the box looks ok, it will accept it.



@nonoise And this doesn’t even consider that none of the products that supposedly improve the electrical signal over Ethernet actually do not improve the signal. Not a single one out there that claims to be “audiophile” Ethernet improves the electrical signal, at all. It is super easy to measure this, and many people have.

you are, again, absolutely wrong. USB and HDMI is not the same as Ethernet, and do not have a multi layer stack of error detection and correction. 

Go back to slowly read what I said and you'll see I used the word "tactic" and did not say it was the same thing. As for your choice of vehicles, I'd frame it as Amazon truck vs. a Ferrari. 

As for not improving the signal, tell me why so many others here profess to hear an improvement and you're not addressing the matter to them. 

And as for the rejection of packets, tell me why this article refutes that and even goes farther than you're willing to admit that it's not a perfect setup.

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@nonoise  Doesn't change anything what vehicles you use as a comparison. Your content or the AUDIO part is not changed, at all, whatsoever, in anyway shape form or fashion. 

Tell me why so many more say it doesn't change anything?

In what way does this article refute anything that I have said? That article doesn't even discuss the physical media. 



I will definitely try an expensive ethernet cable to see if I can hear a difference after I buy a separate DAC. I will only do it with a blind test though because otherwise it would be meaningless. I will put a blindfold on or put up a barrier and my wife can swap the cables. It will be easy to swap out a 3 foot cable between my switch and steamer. I personally don’t think I will hear a difference because I know how Ethernet receivers work. If it was not a blind test, I would introduce that bias into my listening. I can have my son try it as well. He is younger and plays acoustic guitar so he has a good ear.

In my mind, I believe it will be a waste of time because I know what occurs in an Ethernet receiver and my test won’t change anyone’s else mind because I will be told I have shitty ears or a shitty system, both of which may be true. It will still be fun to try it and who knows maybe I am wrong. We do blind tests with tequila as well to see if we can guess the brand or pick the expensive one.