Ethernet cables

Long time audiophile here but, more of a rookie regarding streaming. My basic question is should I upgrade my ethernet cables and what price point would be reasonable for my application.

The streamer is in a secondary system and is used only for casual listening. The streamer is hardwired to the system. At this point I do not have a streamer in the main system.

Below is a list of the gear in system 2.

The streamer is a Node 2i with the power supply upgrade from LHY (a DIY kit) sourced from Beatechnik out of Singapore. Not using the internal DAC but, feeding the digital signal to an outboard DAC.

DAC - Luxman DA-06

Preamp -  Simaudio P5.3

Amp - McCormack DNA-500 (yes, way overkill power wise for the system but, I love the very relaxed sound of this amp)

Speakers - Dynaudio Contour 30i

Cables - Primarily Transparent Ultra mm2 generation.

Internet is from my cable provider via coax cable.

There are three short cat 6 ethernet cables (5'). One going from the modem to the router, one from the router to the wall connection for a 100 foot cat 7 run in the attic and one at the system end wall connection to the Node. The short cables are Amazon Basics cat 6. The 100 foot cat 7 was sourced from Amazon with one of those never heard of names - Snanshi which, seems to be fairly decent but, I wouldn't really know.

So, do I upgrade the Amazon Basics cables and if so, what would be a reasonable choice?



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You have a wall plate and from there you connect to streamer…is that right?

Here’s something to try then…

iFi LAN iSilencer to the wall plate, then a short run of a good Ethernet cable from the iFi to your streamer. Pick whatever Ethernet cable you want to try but I wouldn’t spend a ton on it. 

I am with @audphile1…you can try LinkUp Cat 8 cables from Amazon. I don’t think you would hear any appreciable difference with Node 2i. 

Agree with the above.  I’d probably just replace the cable to the Node as many say that’s the most important.  Here’s a link to the cable @lalitk mentioned along with another that has gotten good feedback.

Good advise ,get rid of any separate Router modem , tell your provider you need a new all in one , the power supplies are horrible , I bought a motorola 8702 

it has docsis 3.1 most have older 3.0. This processor much faster ,and wifi for tv much better, the wall warts suck ,digital is not grounded,noise goes house to house. I bought from linear tube audio their  Excellent LPS , a much cleaner sound now , and the you only need 2 Ethernet cables , Sablon makes a very good cables 

beats cables at 2x it’s price it’s $400 each .  Your most important cable is your end point , wire world $200 from router, then Sablon to Ethernet streamer 

100 % get rid of separate router modem way out dated and pure garbage noise 

I replaced that same setup 2+ years ago with the Motorola 8702 on Amazon 

then the LPS power supply and comes with a excellent DC cable to the router 

and make sure use decent power cords , never stock , the Pangea awg14 sig mk2 

good for your LPS to router as well as from your Ethernet hub 

land replace junk 50 cents zinc buzz fuses with Hifi tuning fuses ,VH Audio  I get the CU gold Copper ,  your streamer no. Good , innuos make a streamer HD for around $1500 , and can get a deal from Anthony at Perrotta Consultants.

great interface app and sounds better then Roon ,but is Roon Ready .if you prefer.

get rid of the noise ,the lhy is good for a low cost solution ,I hav3 one to up the game a good one is around $3k on up to make a substantial difference.

the walll warts most are 12 volts  $3 in cost just add noise to a already corrup signal the LPS is a game changer and call your cable provider fr a all in one or buy a much better one as I did only $230.takes $5 minutes to setup then just call cable company tech support ,on bottom of motorola they have your pass word 

and they ask for your MAC address ,it has Nothing to do with Mac computers.

good 🍀 luck.

May I suggest Blue Jeans Cable for replacing your Ethernet cables.  They are the only place I trust to make a cable to proper specifications.  They test every cable that it meets spec and they  even include a paper indicating the measurements.  They say they have tested Ethernet cables from various prominent sources and less prominent sources and almost none equal the proper specification.


I actually buy almost all my cables from them.  There is so much potential for snake oil in cables that this company has become my go to source.

I just finished replacing all my cat 6 cables, including a 50' run from my router to my setup with cat 8 cables from Amazon. The quality seemed to be excellent and they are very pliable. Both feeds to my net connected gear terminate with iFi LAN Silencers. I haven't really noticed any difference in the sound quality, but a required update to my streamer seemed to be noticeably faster. I also haven't experienced any 'drop outs' in the stream since changing to cat 8, which is what prompted the change in the first place. I was originally using a standard flat ribbon non-shielded 50' cable. Router is a Linksys Max-Stream AC2200. Service feed is from a Verizon Internet Gateway. I use an unmanaged ethernet switch, also from Amazon, at the gear end of the 50' cable.

As far as the cables, since you specified "casual listening" for streaming, other than a lower cost filter, as some have suggested, I wouldn’t spend any money at all for different ethernet cables. I think you would get more benefit from ensuring the existing ethernet cables are separated a several inches away from other electrical cables if run parallel than upgrading them.

I was intrigued by audphile1 suggestion regarding the Lan Silencer. The pictures on Amazon show it placed right behind your streaming component. I get that. 

The question is does it make any sense whatsoever to have two or more of these devices?

I'm not trying to waste money, just wondering. 

Thank you!

Digital don't care about your fancy (read: stupid expensive) cables. You can't improve or make worse 1's and 0's. Why do people believe such nonsense? Oh wait, it's like religion. You have to have faith because there's no science behind it.

I agree with @rcm1203. Replace all your Ethernet with cat8 cables from Amazon. They’re all triple shielded and will definitely improve things. And they’re good for 10G. I changed everything in my house to Phizli. Cost is only pennies more than your average cat6.

I have a 4 server 2 desktop plus Orbi 960 system running up to a full 10G across a Dell 8024F switch. Cleaned up all my streaming stuttering issues too (Sonos) .

Also don’t go with your isp routers. They’re useless and can provide you a decent firewall and high speed at the same time.

I’m possible way above most of what people are using in that I’ve got a 2.5Gb symmetrical fios feed from Ziply (I’m in Washington), use a SonicWall TZ470 for my router/firewall, and use various multi-mode (1/2.5/5/10) and single mode (1G) SFP+ GPICs as the switch is a 24-port SFP+ switch (I use Cisco, SonicWall, Finisar)

Except for audioman58's spew of absolute nonsense, I am so glad that no one on this thread has suggested $500+ snake oil Ethernet cables.  It gives me hope for this group! 

@lovehifi22 I have mine plugged into EERO access point. Then Purist Audio Cat7 from Silencer into Aurender N200. I’ll be honest I could barely hear any difference with and without the iFi unit in the chain. Tried it into the Aurender as well. I figured cleaning up the signal right at the EERO output made most sense to me. Keep in mind the results will vary based on how good the Ethernet implementation is in your streamer. Aurender happens to have a solid isolated implementation and I attribute the very negligible change to this. I never tried using two Silencers since the results with one were barely, if at all, audible. I left in because 1) it’s not expensive and 2) it did no harm. But again, pretty sure the results will vary in each installation. Try one first. You can return it if it doesn’t work.
I also second @lalitk on LinkUp cable recommendation. Excellent cable that’s solidly built and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I have this cable and can say it’s a bargain. Not as detailed and lively sounding as the Purist but also not as expensive. 

+1, @audphile1 

The effectiveness of LAN filters largely depends on the implementation of Ethernet in your streamer and home network. I’ve used tested few of these add-on filters including iSilencer, iSO-Cat7 and Net Isolator ahead of N20 or N30SA….I couldn’t hear any appreciable improvement. I am also using a very high quality Ethernet switch ahead of my N30SA, another possible reason why these LAN filter were so ineffective in my system. 

Thanks everyone for your input. As per usual, the opinions ranged from the naysayers to the over the toppers. One cable that has not been mentioned here is the Supra CAT 8 ethernet cable. Jay Luong at Audio Bacon was very impressed with it even in comparison to much pricier cables. See page two of his cable reviews.

I think that I will order one Supra cable and one Linkup cable for comparison and then go from there.

Good decision. I think the Supra and LinkUp will be close. I tried Supra in both the regular original termination and the one upgraded with telegartner connectors. And both performed well. 

@mwh777 I own the Supra, which has been built by Audio Sensibility with the Telegartner connectors. It is sitting on the floor currently ever since I bought the sotm dcbl cat 7 cable. The sotm improved the sonic quality, but it is so very slight for the money. The Supras are pretty reasonable in price so if you were to replace 3 short links with this it wouldn’t hurt, but again for background music I/you probably wouldn’t know the difference.

AS Supra

"The LAN iSilencer boasts premium galvanic isolation technology, where electrical circuits are separated to eliminate stray currents. Audio signals can pass between galvanically separated circuits to block differences in ground potential or currents induced by AC power."

The person who wrote that description on Amazon had no fundamental knowledge about galvanic isolation. This is what happens when selling snake oil. But you buy from Amazon for easy returns.


hey crock fan, 

Maybe you should read this- unlike ASR it is a real review from a real electrical engineer

PS Audio Lan Rover

@classicrockfan go rub Amir’s snake. Ask him if he wants oil or not. And while at it get on his magic carpet and fly the f out of here.