Ethernet cable question

OK, at the risk of starting a big debate, I have just a dumb question: I see a lot of post talking about Supra 8 and Wireworld ethernet cables, so are you talking about cables making a direct run from your router? I have Cat 5 run throughout my house by me when our home was built 8 years ago. Everything is finished in the home and my sound room is not real close to where I have my network router/modem. So does the ethernet cable going from the wall to my Node 2i make any difference if inside the wall is only Cat5e?
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If you want to pay insane prices for Ethernet there is ample opportunity to do so. After a lot of research and/or rationalization I have come to the opinion that for ME either the Swedish Supra Cat8 ethernet cable available on eBay or if you want a more upmarket (?) cable, the DH Labs Reunion ethernet Cat8 cable offers the best bang for the buck. Has anyone been able to hear any SQ differences between the above cables and the $1000 cables from the high end cable makers?
You do not want to use ethernet to stream.
Use fiber.
Available on Amazon 25 meters for $30. 
Much better than metal.

Now you may have to break some drywall to install it.

You have multiple networks: internet, private internal, wireless, and maybe a guest network. All networks can have different speeds. Hopefully you built a 1G internal private network, an AC wireless network, and up to a 1G fiber internet network. Unless you have dozens of people streaming at the same time, a 1G network is plenty fast.  Music files are small, you don’t need a 1G network for music.
Cables do make a difference. I use cat7 throughout the house with a cat7 Audioquest cable from the wall to the dac.
cat5 is good for about up to 300 feet at 1 Gb/sec.  You have no worries.
If possible, get fiber into the house.  Biggest bang for your buck.

From everything to the switches (top of the line SOTM then Regen in series) I use wireworld cat 8. In my system this was a huge upgrade from everything else (including audioquest diamond, though other friends report just the opposite in their systems) I tried 3-4 years ago.  The yellow one works for me but some friends report better results from the more expensive wireworld ones.  

It should be mentioned that the rest of my home is connected to the switch with copper.  Removing this connection for serious listening is a great pop up.