Ethernet Cable or Not?

Hey everybody,

Thanks in advance for your guidance.

I use an inexpensive WiFi receiver to send a signal to a Schiit Dac, then to my Integrated.

The wireless signal never lags/buffers, but sometimes music sounds better to me than others. Very well could be in my head, tinnitus intensity, etc.

Line of sight to my router is approximately seven feet, and a ten foot cable would do the job and for the most part be hidden.

Is a wired connection between a router and WiFi receiver the way to go if one is possible? Or if I’m not having buffering should I let it be? (I don’t own a cable to try but can pick one up if it’s likely to help of course.)

Thanks for the help!
Based on past discussions I’ve seen involving similar questions I would expect that a significant majority of the responses you will receive will favor using an ethernet cable. And doing so is certainly likely to provide fine results, although not necessarily better than what you are presently obtaining.

However given that your wifi link appears to be working reliably, depending on the specific equipment and setup you have it is conceivable that results with an ethernet connection could be worse than what you presently have. For example, in the following thread ...

... I said as follows in one of my posts:

Ethernet connected devices can couple digital noise into an audio system via the wired connection itself, via the power wiring, and via the air. And the noise produced by digital circuits, being much lower in frequency than the 2.4 gHz or 5 gHz frequencies that are used by wifi, as well as potentially coupling at much greater amplitudes, stands a greater chance of affecting the sonics of the audio system than wifi signals.

My comments were met with some disagreement, and you may find the subsequent discussion to be of interest.

The bottom line would seem to be that as is often the case in audio the only way to know for sure is to try it both ways **with your specific equipment.**

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-- Al

Wired is always preferred.
Some manufacturers use CAT6+ for isolation.
WiFi Router creates a Bubble with range in wireless area.
So strength Yeah.
Ringing in a system could be from any number of sources.
Also consult with a GP for health related concerns...

Excellent post, as always, from @almarg 

More specifics on your front end and any connections will be helpful.

Thanks, here goes, 

WiFi ——Tunebox 2, TB20 (Budget WiFi receiver) —- generic coax out to a Schiit Modi Multibit—— Morrow Level 4 RCAs —— Anthem Integrated 225.

I’m pretty content, but I perceive the quality varies at times, That’s why I’m curious about a hard wired connection to my router.

Other things it could be;

i plug my equipment directly into a wall outlet, so my power quality may vary. 

My Tinnitus varies in intensity. (Three cicadas out of five currently.)

May be all in my head/mood. 

All in all I’m content, but willing to try some simple measures. 

@almarg Thanks, as always for your thoughtful counsel, I’ll pick up a decent Ethernet cable and experiment.

@rego Good point.I’ll gut check my hearing with my GP and follow your cable advice.