Estimated Value of Old, Nice System?

Rega Planet CD player, circa @1997--2000, Yamaha HTR-5830 Receiver(2009) and two PSB 300 speakers with towers. Come with all necessary wiring, Yamaha remote and solid, heavy black playing stand. (I've had these ten plus years, the system sounds great & in fine condition, but they just too big for my new, smaller home).

Purchased from another audiophile: can anybody out there suggest even a reasonable market value?
I don’t think anybody is going to provide a silver bullet solution for what you already know. There isn’t going to be any premium for a system sales price IMO, so go price it out in its components - there is a price reference guide here in AGON as a first start.

We all know audio gear value falls fast, furious, and precipitously far down to very nominal values from new that are now a small fraction of what you paid for it ... Full stop. "Vintage" in audio gear has no similarity to "vintage" in wines. In the former , it just means "old" with an appeal very limited to the occasional budget nostalgia seeker.

The most likely to return IMO is the REGA cdp, but it is already 15 to 19 years old ... An eternity for cd spinners with a high risk of laser and transport failure pending. Google recent prices for sale prices... Asking $300 with a likely deal closing at something less?

IMO Don’t expect to realize much for the receiver. It’s ancient by today’s standards and only 5.1 and absent many of the features (does it have HDMI for connectivity today?) of today’s kit. Your model was selling here locally for less than a $100 (~$80 I believe) No idea what shape it was in.....

Ditto for the accessories unless perhaps for audio cables that are the unlikely occurrence of, say, high-end NORDOST or same.

Best quote and fastest litmus test.... Email a local dealer with the specs and ask what -- or even if .... (Most dealers have no interest in 99% of AVRs and receivers in general (as AVRs become obsolete almost overnight and most receivers have limited performance capabilities ) he would take them in on a trade-in , and just what he would offer you on such a trade-in. That’s your BEST expectation bar none.

good luck

HiFi Shark will give you some idea of what you can expect if selling the pieces separately. It shows what current items are selling for and past items have sold for. Just plug in the item you are researching.

Looks like maybe around $500 for the whole system, again, if sold privately and separately. Less if looking to sell as a package and/or to a dealer.
Sell at $400.00 for quick sale.

EBM is right!
Yes all thanks! I thought it might be worth @$4-$500. Id sell for $400 if somebody might come and take it---i don't think there are many music shops in DC area that would do this?

Check Ebay sold history for market price.

Edit, I just checked, looks like it’s not worth much. The Yamaha is worth about $60 (then minus 13% then minus shipping). The tower $75 each before fee/shipping.

So on Ebay you’d be lucky to net $120 after everything. If you get hit with just one Ebay scam buyer, you could end up losing money. Been there done that...

Try craigslist and see if you can net $200. Only works if you are in a big metro with a population that cares about speakers though.

Or if you itemize deduction, donate it for $0 and claim a value?