Estate sale find - Vintage Sansui SP-3500 (any good?)

Went to an estate sale (parents in their 90's passed away) and found a pair of Sansui SP-3500 speakers along with a Sansui 5500 receiver. Seems to be working. The speakers weigh a TON. I was shocked how heavy these things were.

How do these old speakers compare with modern speakers? Do people refurbish the cones/woofers as I imagine they must be quite old.

They were asking $75, I offered $50 and they accepted. From a $/pound perspective seems like a great deal.  
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A buddy of mine had a pair of the SP-3500's that he bought in Vietnam. He was complaining about one of them not sounding right so I replaced the electrolytic capacitors in the crossovers on both of them with Dayton polypropylenes.

The sound improved a LOT, so you may want to consider doing that.
Dumb question but I tried to remove the front grills and they don't want to come out easily. I am afraid I might break the grill (made of wood). Any secret to taking them off? 
They are allegedly attached by screws by each corner. Take a look see.
YouTube has a video on it.