Essential Sound Products cables and Michael Griffin

Just to make all aware of this man's business practice.  I purchased three AVP power cables about ten years ago from this company headed by Michael Griffin. I had occasion to communicate with him recently about some deterioration on the ends where the cable and plug meet. He indicated that they would fix then and I sent them back to him. After a month of waiting and emails communicating back and forth he said the cable would go out fixed. Two months later I never received my cables back from him and no communication from him. It's like he stole then. Why I have no idea. We are talking about 200.00 each at the time I purchased them so really have little value today. So that's it. 
Charles, I have known Michael for 15 years and he is a gentleman and a genuinely good guy.  This has to be a case of him forgetting to send them back to you.  PLEASE go back to him ( with an open mind and no attitude) and ask about them.  I am certain that he will be responsive.