essence jasper 2ch amp

Hello everyone, I have a chance to buy an Essence Jasper amp designed by Dale Pitcher for 4500 bucks and I cannot find much published information on it, local dealer says it has no grain or mechanical character, tube lovers love it and solid state lovers love it, way better sounding than Mark Levinson, Krell, Classe, Symphonic line,mbl,vtl or any amp he has ever heard and way more powerful than Classe Omicron. power supply is so huge it will keep playing for 2min unplugged and has a frequency response of 1hz to 10mhz and retailed at 20k. I do have Dale Pitchers Intuitive Design Gamma Summits speakers and hes Mosaic interconnects and the sound is breathtaking! and these pieces i would never part with. just wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with these amps? any input would be greatly appreciated.
You better be a weightlifter.
I had one of these amps and it actually made Dunlavy speakers almost tolerable.
I even heard it make Thiel speakers sound good. This amp must be magic. So I put it in my car stereo where I had these horrible Focal speakers. Unfortunately it caught my alternator on fire 3 min. later along with wiring harness.That's a $3500 repair on a BMW.
Thus it is back in my home system. I was able to sell my Wilson MAXX speakers and get a pair of Jensen 16x9 tri-axial speakers because this amp made them sound as good.
But the big question is, does it make b&w 800 series sound better? I guess since you never see these amps for sale they must be pretty awesome. I dont know what kind of voodoo Dale puts into hes speaker cables and interconnects  as well as speakers, but i would assume the same magic is in hes amps?
Well i think I'll roll the dice and take a chance on this amp, I should have it next weekend, so I will post my impression of the amp.
So amp arrived and my first impression was it looks like a piece of art big and heavy built like a tank. got it hooked up and the first thing i noticed was how it took control of the subs gave them nice punch. 20 minutes later i noticed how things going on in the background became clear as a bell, I really dont know how to explain the sound im not going to use all kinds of audiophile jargon lets just say sound not only sounded live but alive and the way it made sound behave made my jaw drop. next i noticed how powerful it is, I have my dial set between 7 and 8 o clock and it fills 1364 sq ft without a problem. So I turned it up to 10 o clock I think we were at 90db and it was still clear as a bell and did not fatigue the ears. This amp has the speed of a Porche 911 and the power of a tank but still a gentle giant. I can say that this is the last amp I will ever buy I've never heard any amp that can touch it.

So 6 months have passed since the purchase of the Essence amp since then i ended up with Dales higher end interconnects and speaker cables and those changes made my system so organic and effortless sounding. I can say with an honest face that my search for what is perfect sound to me is over, the only thing i could do a very serious upgrade on is one of Dales pre amps which are very hard to find plus i couldnt afford it even at a used price. one thing i forgot to mention was i also bought a Shunyata King Cobra pwr cable for my pre which was heavily modded by Dale and that was the icing on the cake.
Jughead I have owned the Gamma Summits for years and they are tough to beat. I have been using a low watt tube amp for years how many watts per channel does Dales amp produce?
Btw if you ever think of selling the Jasper let me know.
Not sure how many watts there's no published specs. I have been told by a local dealer it has taken down 1000 watt amps, im in a 1364sq ft room and it fills it with no prob at low vol levels. i would never sell my amp but... i know a local dealer who has a set essence mono blocks for sale and ive heard them on Dales Danili speakers and they're unreal.