Essence HDACC, Anyone heard it or Familiar With It

I've been looking for a DAC to tandem with my Sony SCD-XA-5400 ES SACD player. I need a DAC with an HDMI port to accomplish this which is pretty rare in inexpensive units. I ran across this unit yesterday while surfing it seems to have all the bells and whistles. Are any of you familiar with this piece or have you heard it? What about the company "Essence"? I never heard of them.

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Thanks for the reply Bob. I also found this review on the factory website a couple of days ago when I discovered this unit. I was hoping to hear from someone on Audiogon who had actually experienced this DAC as I've never heard of this reviewer before and feared it might be an inside review??

The reviewer never singled out SACD listening in this review which is my primary interest. I'd like to know more specifically regarding that aspect of its' performance.

As always I appreciate your input. It's been very helpful in the past.
What makes you think this will sound better than the Sony's D/As? It also won't do SACDs.
I have no idea if it will improve the Sony, that's why I'm searching for experienced opinions. I didn't realize it wouldn't work with SACD since it has an HDMI port. I'm not unhappy with the Sony but if it can be improved to include higher resolution through the addition of an external DAC, I'd be interested in knowing more.