Greetings everyone! I have really enjoyed reading the posts of many Audiogon members and this enjoyment has prompted me to post my first. Has anyone had any experience with Dale Pitcher's brainchild, Essence Audio. Any input and experience with his products would be greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance.
are you referring to the essence audio that made gems,topaz and amythist speakers?
Great sounding pre-amps if you can afford the price of admission. Resale is also a problem but...
I just purchased a pair of used Essence amps which I am running with the Talon Khorus speakers. I recently sold my Tact Milleneum amp which itself was terrific but the essence mono amps(my amps have been upgraded by Dale)are several steps above the Tact and provide a wide and well defined/layered soundstage with tremendously lush non solid state sound and great detail. I couldn't be happier other than the fact that these amps are very heavy (they are about 90 lbs each). Dale himself has a terrific reputation among a select group of audiophiles and is apparenly finalizing a new stereo amp as well as speakers.
Essence makes the best sounding amps and preamps I have ever heard. It is fair to ask if any component is worth that kind of money. If you decide the answer is yes you should try to audition Essence products. I think they are a good value it that price range as nothing else I have heard sounds nearly as good. Dale Pitcher has givven me outstanding personal service over the years.
I have a pair of Dales Intuitive Design Gamma Summit speakers and hes Mosaic interconnects and the sound is breathtaking!! I will have one of the Essence stereo amps sometime this week to audition ( and im sure i'll buy) I cannot even begin to explain the sound that comes from the speakers and interconnects, organic, full, the sound seems to float 3D i guess. so i cant wait to hear the amp with my speakers my guess is you'll have to use a shovel to get my jaw off the floor.
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resale isn't that bad on dales products, i bought the speakers used for 3k and they sold new for 12k and the Essence amp was 20k new and i bought it for 4500. but the problem is finding any of he's products used, people dont get rid of them. i know i wont.
hi jughead, your post above is confusing.  You mention that resale isn't that bad, but the numbers you quote would indicate if you bought them new you would have taken a bath on their resale.

Or are you talking  about if you buy them used and then sell them?
most people look at stuff they've seen in magazines, or with the internets false claims people assume this is one of them. or most people that that buy Dales stuff are not rich and are the quickest to have life issues pop up with no money in reserve so they have to sell out of emergencies and some people may have inherited some of Dales products and dont really care what it is and would rather have some cash.I dont think many people have heard Dales products and wouldnt take the gamble on a new or used price. the speakers i bought were 12k new and i was floored when i bought them for 3k delivered to my front door this is a 500lb package, could have been someone in a financial crunch idk? the amp im not sure what the story is?