ESS Technology sabre32

Will this DAC chip make current DAC's obsolete? The press release from the Consumer Electronic makes it sound that way. The price will for manufacturer's will be $29 in lots of 1000. Should I wait to make a plunge into a quality DAC?

FREMONT, Calif.--(Business Wire)--
ESS Technology, a leading provider of high performance audio/video solutions,
today announced the addition of two new Sabre32 Reference 32-bit Audio DAC parts
to its Vista family of high-definition audiovisual product line.

The Sabre32 Reference DAC is an enhancement to the original Sabre Reference DAC
that has taken the audio world by storm since its introduction in January 2008,
through its superior performance and jitter-free sound clarity made possible by
the ESS patented Hyperstream architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator.

Using an enhanced 32-bit Hyperstream architecture, the Sabre32 Reference DAC
further extends the original Sabre Reference`s from 24-bit to 32-bit music and
raises its mind-boggling performance even higher to 135dB dynamic range and
-120dB THD.

The Sabre32 Reference DAC is available in two versions - the ES9018 8-channel
DAC supports mono, stereo, 4- and 8-channel output modes, while the ES9012
2-channel DAC supports stereo output. Each part integrates an all-digital SPDIF
receiver, supports digital audio in PCM or DSD formats, features click-free soft
mute, volume control, de-emphasis, zero detect, customizable filter
characteristics and consumes less than 100mW.

Robert Wong, vice-president of marketing and worldwide sales for ESS Technology,
said, "The Sabre32 Reference DAC is a perfect companion for the emerging 32-bit
audio content generated by music studios and DSP up-conversion. Together with
other ESS Sabre32 and Sabre ADCs and DACs, audio enthusiasts can now enjoy music
with performance never before possible. It is simply stunning."

Both the ES9018 Sabre32 Reference 8-channel DAC and the ES9012 Sabre32 Reference
Stereo DAC are sampling in 64-LQFP package and priced at $39 in quantities of

The Sabre32 Reference DACs will be demonstrated January 8 - 11, 2009 at the
Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the Hilton. Appointments may be
scheduled by calling Wendy Chafer at 510-492-1180.

About ESS Technology

ESS Technology, Inc. designs and markets high-performance audio/video products
for the consumer market.

ESS`s VistaTM product line features high-definition solutions such as the
Phoenix and Phoenix-II series of HD-Enhanced DVD processors, 1080p Video
Up-converters, HDMI transmitters, Sabre series of HyperstreamTM audio
digital-to-analog converters and other products for digital television.

ESS`s Sabre HyperstreamTM audio digital-to-analog converter series, consisting
of Sabre Reference and Sabre Premier, is the world`s first 8-channel audio DAC
solution to bring true professional digital audio to the mass consumer home
entertainment market. The Sabre series has been designed into some the world`s
most prestigious audiophile equipments, including Blu-ray players, CD/SACD
players, and A/V preamps.

ESS is headquartered in Fremont, California, and has R&D, sales, and technical
support offices worldwide. ESS Technology's web site address is:
Their demos were impressive and I hope to have a demo board very soon.

It sounds slick! When do you suppose we will have discs with that kind of performance for playback. I'm all for the next huge progression forward!
The McIntosh MCD500 uses this DAC.

This one is not for sale yet. The Mac uses a older version. The MCD500 sells for 6 grand. This DAC is going to sell for $39! Guess early adopters are going to get burned.
i will be obtaining a dac with this chip within several weeks, for a review.
I started hearing good things about ths dac chipset from DIY foums ... it is already available as a dac/reciever package (no I/V, no output stage) from Twisted Pear Audio.

Here is a good reading about some DIY efforts by Lukasz Fikus:
We are working on a new board for the Sabre32 now, and have the chips on hand.

Mrtennis: Where are you getting a sample DAC? As far as I know we are going to be first to market (might even beat the demo board).
Initial impressions are very positive with 16/44.1 and 24/96 materials. Will do some more careful auditions next week.

hi brian:

i should receive the ess chip, mounted on an acrylic base, about one week from wednesday. i spoke to calto today, to confirm this.

i will be reviewing the dac containing the chip for .
Any new news on this DAC?

Anyone have a review? List of new applications, etc.?
i have a dac with the 8 channel sabre 32 bit dac chip. i have had it for several weeks. a review will appear on .
No early hints? :)

Is your a DIY Mrtennis?
the component i am reviewing is an evaluation dac. it has a dac board and a power supply.

i feed the output of the dac board directly to the preamp.
Mrtennis was gracious enough to let me hear this evaluation board in two different systems. One must understand that an evaluation board is basically to show off the technical measurements and abilities of the Dac. It is not an "audiophile" piece of equipment. This type of board is usually sent around for engineers to well, "evaluate". I'm certain that the audio community will see this chip incorporated into gear sometime in the future.
Anyone can buy a chip... the key to any converter is now the analog section and clock are implemented
are there any dac's with this chip?

my oppo 83es blu-ray player sounds great. now i want a dac with the sabre32
minimax has designed a dac using the 32 bit chip. there have been many posts on this particular dac using the 32 bit sabre chip.

i own it, reviewed it on the web site "", and it is my reference dac, paired with a ps audio power wave transport. it can be operated in solid state mode or tube mode. the tube is a 12au7 and it is a gain stage function.

any more questions, send me an e mail.
There are a few already.